Relations with local schools

The school endeavoured to keep in touch with other schools in the neighbourhood. During the 1960s they provided accommodation and hospitality so that local art teachers could meet and discuss problems and other matters of interest. These meetings were convened by Mr Eveleigh, the art master at Woking Grammar School for Boys.

The school also took part in local career events and exhibitions, occasionally visiting schools with the local Youth Employment Officer to give pupils an insight into the benefits of attending a School of Art. Local Parent Teacher Associations would also pay visits to the school from time to time.

Invitations for events such as the Dress Department’s annual show were extended to staff and pupils of local schools. The Printing Department also helped the Printing Clubs of local schools, such as Ottershaw, Wellington College, the George Abbott School and Northmead County Secondary School. Boys from these schools also visited the Department. The Pottery Department also offered practical help and the use of their kiln to local schools to fire their work. Regular exhibitions were held in Guildford House, in co-operation with the Borough Librarian, and all local schools would be invited to attend.

Members of school staff were also frequently called upon to act as critics or adjudicators at local exhibitions and competitions.

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