Holloway Sanatorium, Egham, Archives

Holloway Sanatorium was founded in 1885 and closed in 1981.

Read more about the history of Holloway Sanatorium.

Important: please note that any patient records less than 100 years old and staff records less than 75 years old are likely to have access restrictions. Individual records are not available to view through this website. For details on viewing records please see the Access To Mental Hospital Records page.

The Holloway Sanatorium patient case books 1885 to 1926 (SHC refs 2620/4/1-2; 3473/3/1-34; 7267/3/20; 8855/1-3) have been digitised by the Wellcome Library and can now be viewed online free of charge, along with the nine case books in the Wellcome Library’s holdings. Search for the reference number on the Wellcome Library’s catalogue, and click on the “view online” button. Click here for a clickable list (pdf PDF)of the case books which can be viewed.

The main accession numbers to find records for Holloway Sanatorium at Surrey History Centre are 2620, 3237, 3473, 6864 and 7267. Click on the links to see the individual catalogues of these accessions which provide item descriptions.

There is a further catalogue, 3289, containing general ledgers; subsidiary accounting books, balance sheets and accounts (annual and quarterly). This catalogue is not available on-line and any enquiries regarding these documents must be made direct to the Surrey History Centre.

The principal series of records held at Surrey History Centre relating to individual patients are as follows, although there are gaps in some series.

General Registers, 1885-1899

These give the number in order of admission, date of reception order, date of continuation of reception order, Christian and surnames, sex, age, marital status, condition of life and previous occupation, previous place of abode, religion, by whose authority sent, dates of medical certificates and by whom signed, form of mental disorder, supposed cause of insanity, bodily condition and name of disease if any, whether epileptic, whether congenital idiot, duration of existing attack, number of previous attacks, age on first attack, date of removal, discharge or death, state on removal, discharge or note if died, observations.

Admission registers, 1899-1980

These include date of admission, number, date of reception order, name, age, occupation, address, religion, by whose authority sent, dates of medical certificates and by whom signed, medical condition, date of removal, discharge or death, and observations.

Civil Registers, 1907-1912

Recording the date of previous admission, number, date of admission, date of reception or urgency order, date of last continuation of reception order, whether a direct admission or transfer, name, previous place of abode, sex, marital status, religion, union, county or borough to which chargeable, by whose authority sent, dates of medical certificates and by whom signed, date of discharge, transfer or death and state on discharge or transfer (recovered, relieved, not improved), observations.

Medical Registers, 1907-1930

These include the date of admission, number in civil register, date of discharge, transfer or death, name, civil state, occupation, number of times previously certified as insane, age on admission, on onset of present attack and on onset of first attack, whether first attack, duration of the present attack from onset till admission, aetiological factors, bodily state on admission, instances of epilepsy, form of mental disorder, whether deemed suicidal, observations.

Alphabetical registers, 1919-1948

These include the serial status number, date of reception order, date of admission, general reference number, name, civil state, age on admission, religion, whether voluntary, temporary or certified, date of departure, discharge or death, name of nearest relatives, friends or petitioner.

Civil Registers, 1926-1948

These include the date of previous admission, the number in order of admission, date of admission, date of reception order, date of urgency order, name, sex, type of re-admission/transfer, religion, discharged or transferred, died, date of discharge, transfer or death, observations.

Case Books, 1885-1950

Although a good set is held at Surrey History Centre, some volumes became separated from the archive and are now held by the Wellcome Library in Euston Road, London.  They comprise the following (note the dates shown are the admission dates):

  • Female case books
    • MS8159; Case-book A: Certified patients admitted Aug 1885-Dec 1887,
    • MS5157; no. 2: Certified female patients admitted January-September 1889,
    • MS5158; no 4, Certified female patients admitted July 1890-June 1891,
    • MS5159; no. 11, Certified female patients admitted May 1898-May 1899,
    • MS5160; no. 17, Certified female patients admitted August 1905- March 1907 and
    • MS5161; no. 28, Certified female patients admitted November 1924-October 1926.
  • Male voluntary case book, patients admitted June 1891-March 1897 (MS5162)
  • Male case books no. 9 Certified male patients admitted February 1898-April 1899 (MS5163) and no. 11 Certified Male patients admitted March 1901-June 1902 (MS8160)Detailed entries for those volumes can be found on the on-line Wellcome Library catalogue, http://archives.wellcome.ac.uk.

Case Files, c.1940-1981 (weeded)

Card index to patient case files, 1940-1981

Treatment Registers, 1926-1973

These include a register of mechanical restraint and seclusion, 1926-1941, an insulin treatment book, 1952-3 and a register of treatments by drugs and electro-convulsive therapy, 1954-1961.

Departures Registers, 1928-1948

These include the date of departure, discharge or transfer, date of last admission, last serial status number, name, sex, mode of admission, status on admission and departure (voluntary, temporary or certified), condition when departed or discharged, condition on transfer, address to which patient went, whether first attack, age on departure or discharge and on onset of illness, duration of last attack, aetiological factors, form of mental illness on admission, observations.

Service Patients, c.1948-1951

We hold an index of service patients treated at Holloway between 1948 and 1951

Register of deaths, 1931-1951

Register of deaths of voluntary, temporary and certified patients.

Gives the following details: date of death, date of last admission, last serial number, status number in civil register, name, sex, age at death and at onset of last attack, status on admission and at time of death (voluntary, certified or temporary), whether first attack, duration of last attack of mental illness, causes of death, aetiological factors, form of mental illness on admission and on death, observations.

Post Mortem register, 1899-1927

This includes the name and number in register of patient, sex, age, previous occupation, date of admission, date of death, form of mental disorder, certified cause of death, case books, date and hour of post-mortem examination, details of post-mortem examination.

Lyne Place registers, 1957-1961

Lyne Place was originally intended to be used by members of staff, but was adapted for patients’ accommodation in 1950.  We hold an admissions register for Lyne Place that includes the name, date of admission, age on admission, date of departure, days stayed, remarks. From December 1959 it includes details of religion and a reference number. Includes a register of patients on leave. Also includes an analysis for the years 1957 – 1959 of numbers of admissions, new cases, those previously treated in the last 12 months, those previously treated for more than 12 months.

Medical Office diaries, 1927-1948

One opening per month, one line per day: admissions (certified, temporary, voluntary – names entered, until 1931 divided into patients and boarders only), numbers (male, female, total) in hospital, at seaside house, in cottages, on trial, note of documents sent to Board of Control, discharges and deaths (recovered, relieved, not improved, died), names of those on trial and died, removals to and from seaside house (names), remarks.

Staff registers, 1884-1961

10 thoughts on “Holloway Sanatorium, Egham, Archives”

  1. D.Sheehan says:

    Can I visit Holloway Egham

  2. Richard Shannon says:

    I am seeking information on staffing at the Holloway Sanatorium during the 1930s. My late mother nursed there for some time and the only information that we know is, that she was attacked and almost strangled whilst working there, and she bore a scar around her neck until the day she died.

    Unfortunately, my late mother would not tell us anything about her nursing career, we know she was a military nurse during the war years and that she nursed at several different military hospitals, but that is all we know. Any information that could be forwarded to me, I would be extremely grateful.

    My late mothers name at that time was Joan Eileen Lambourne, and I would hazard a guess that she was at Holloway Santorium around 1933/34.

    Many thanks
    Richard L Shannon

  3. Pam Steele says:

    we are looking for details of Amelia Rose Burgess who spent several months in warlingham sanitorium

  4. Sue Alexander says:

    I am looking for the records and details of Miss Susan Mary McCaskie who was admitted at the age of 16 to Holloway Sanitorium in 1964 direct from her girl’s Boarding School at Ascot before the end of the summer term, about June/early July of that year. At the time of admission Susan or her parents and sister were not aware that she had any mental problem and she clearly remembers shortly after admission receiving an injection from a male member of the medical staff (which was some sort of anaesthetic) and waking up some time later in her single room very drowsy and confused. At school Susan was in the middle of taking seven ‘O’ Level exams. Susan’s parents were not informed by her school or Holloway Sanitorium that she had been admitted, when they did about one week later they collected Susan and removed her from the Sanitorium. Susan received excellent care from her home GP from thereon.

  5. Kathy Kirk says:

    I am looking for an admission of Alma Ethel Hawkins. DOB 26th May 1920. I believe it to be around 1940. She was my mothers sister and I am producing a family tree with extra details to pass on to other members of the family.
    She died on 26th April 1999.
    Thank you

  6. R0Y SHEPARD says:

    Please confirm if Sir Eric Beckett was a patient at Royal Holloway Sanatorium

  7. Charles Patrick Goodmurphy says:

    My wife (Aileen McDonald) was a nurse at Holloway starting in 1962.
    She was born in Port Arthur (Thunder Bay) Ontario, Canada.
    She arrived earlier in the year, having come over from France, where her father was posted with Canadian Air Force.
    She remembers meeting the Queen Mother, who was a guest at the graduation of that year.
    I am looking for any record or pictures of that event.
    Patrick Goodmurphy – Trenton, Ontario, Canada

  8. David J Harris says:

    My late father Dr David Wm Theodore Harris b 1912 LRCP MRCS 1937 was a junior medical officer at Holloway San 9 June 1939-7 June 1940 .He passed his postgrad exam DPM (Conjoint ) 5 Jan 1940 .I wondered if by chance you had any refs to him in yr Holloway San Staff records .I am a retired psychiatrist and amateur historian,One story -he did his ward work in am-got free tennis lessons from a pro ie a patient ! in afternoons and studied for his exams at night . As you will know it was a private hosp with very wealthy patients ! I could never find a junior job with those benefits !!! He had subsequent career in psychiatry and public health (DPH Conjoint 1947 )
    He married Annie Gill SRN QN 20 June 1940 …I am…
    Dr David J Harris LRCPLond MRCSEng FRCPC MRCPsych,Prof Emeritus of Geriatric Psychiatry retired,Western U (UWO ) London Canada . (b 1944 )

  9. Lynne Porter says:

    Hi. I am looking into my mother’s medical history, and know she was admitted to the sanatorium twice between 1970 and 1974. Her name was Lillian Edwards. I would appreciate any help in accessing her files, notes or clinical information. I want to find out more about my Mum. Any help would be wonderful, thanks..

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