Long Grove Hospital, Epsom, Archives

Long Grove Hospital opened in 1907 and closed in 1992.

Read more about the history of Long Grove Hospital.

During the second world war the hospital received patients from Horton hospital which was used for treating military personnel. Files relating to some of these patients will be found under the reference SHC 6251/4/128 (see below for a link to this catalogue list).

Long Grove also received large numbers of Polish patients, of whom three hundred remained in 1951 (see SHC 6251/1/1; see below for a link to this catalogue list).

Important: please note that any patient records less than 100 years old and staff records less than 75 years old are likely to have access restrictions. Individual records are not available to view through this website. For details on viewing records please see the Access To Mental Hospital Records page.

The main accession numbers to find records for Long Grove Hospital at Surrey History Centre are 6251, 6275, 6276, 6289, 6423, 6718 and 7422. Click on the links to see the individual catalogues of these accessions which provide item descriptions.

The principal series of records held at Surrey History Centre relating to individual patients are as follows, although there are gaps in some series.

Medical Registers, 1907-1948

Details include date of admission, civil register number, date of discharge, transfer or death, patient’s name and whether private or pauper, marital status, occupation, age on admission, type of attacks, duration of attacks, aetiological factors, bodily state on admission, form of mental disorder and observations.

Civil Registers, 1907-1958

These were compiled in accordance with Rule 4 of the Rules of the Commissioners in Lunacy dated 31 Oct 1906 which required the Clerk of every asylum to make an entry in a Civil Register of Patients immediately upon the reception of a person as a lunatic. Details include the date of any previous admission, general reference number, admission date, date of reception order, date of continuation of the reception order, whether the patient was directly admitted to the asylum or transferred, patient’s name, private or pauper status, address, previous institution, sex, marital status, religion, county or borough to which chargeable, date of discharge, transfer or death and name of institution they may have been transferred to.

General Registers, 1948-1961

These were compiled under the Medical Treatment Rules, 1948.  Details include admission date, general reference number, name, sex, age, whether voluntary, temporary or certified, whether a private, NHS or criminal patient, mode of admission, whether previously dealt with under the Lunacy Act, date of departure, discharge, removal or death and observations.

Patients’ Registers, 1951-1961

These registers of female patients were compiled during the 1950s and list those present at Long Grove hospital at a given date (the first date given for each register).  They were subsequently added to until a new register was drawn up.  Patients are grouped alphabetically but arranged by date of admission (the earliest year of admission being 1907).  Some patients are listed more than once in each volume, indicating their re- admission to the hospital.  The wards in which the patient was treated  are shown by codes (E1, G2, HBH, F1 etc).  Annotations in red ink provide details of the patients’ discharge or death and the voluntary or temporary status of patients is indicated by the letters VP and TP respectively.  Reference numbers of each patient are also given, allowing the user to cross refer to the relevant admission register for further information.

Service Patients, 1916-1944

Details given include the general reference number, patient’s name, type of admission order, admission date, age on admission, parish of residence, regimental particulars, date classified as Service, date of receipt of medical card, Ministry of Pension number and remarks.

Informal Patients, 1960-1961

Details include whether the patient was previously under care for mental illness and date of last discharge, date of admission, general reference number, age on admission and date of birth, patient’s name, mental category, nature of treatment, date of departure, regrading or death and address on departure or cause of death.

Reception Orders, 1907-1960

These include the date of admission, date of reception order, general reference number, name of patient, dates upon which the order was renewed and remarks.  Each page relates to orders issued on one particular date over a period of years

Case Files, 1907-1943

Only 16 case files of patients at Long Grove Hospital survive.

Medical Journals, 1907-1926

These are daily summaries of the number of patients in the hospital.  They list those in seclusion, describing the period of and reason for the treatment.  They also list those undergoing medical treatment and describe the nature of their bodily disorder.  Deaths, injuries and violence among the patients are also recorded.

Discharge and Transfer Registers, 1907-1958

The details included in each register comprise the date of discharge or transfer, date of last admission and the name of patient, stating whether private or pauper.  If the patient was discharged the new address was given.  If the patient was transferred to another asylum the name of that institution was noted.  Medical details were only provided of those patients who were discharged ‘recovered’.

Registers of Deaths, 1907-1938

These provide details of the date of death, the date of last admission, the number of the patient in the civil register, the name of the patient and whether they were private or pauper, their sex, age, the duration of their last attack of mental illness, the forms of their disorder on admission and at death, the principal and contributory causes of death and whether these were confirmed by a post-mortem.  For Long Grove we also hold a register of deaths and burials, 1942-1954 and the hospital undertakers notebook, 1949-1957.  For registers of the Horton Cemetery that served all of the Epsom Cluster hospitals between c.1902 and 1955, see 6376.  An index to these registers has been prepared by our volunteers, Mike and Gill Couper.

Post Mortem Registers, 1907-1969

Patients’ property registers, 1936-1955

Matron’s Journals, 1953-1968

These detailed daily summaries provide much information about daily life in Long Grove Hospital and continue the practice of the Medical Journals, for which see above.  Details are included of patient numbers, admissions, deaths, discharges, seclusion, casualties, operations, patients’ employment, reasons for unemployment, recreational activities, incontinent patients, infectious cases, suicidal cautions, epileptics and open air treatment.  Dietary information is also given.  The journals include staffing information.

Staff records, 1905-1960

106 thoughts on “Long Grove Hospital, Epsom, Archives”

  1. Maria dudley says:

    My grandfather William Cotterell Wall died in The Grove Horton Lane Epsom on the 28th May 1943, he was 56years old. On his death certificate it states General Paralysis of the insane, which does not explain how he did die, and why was he taken to The Grove where he did die.I do recollect from his son my dad that he was gassed in the first war. Would like some further info if possible as I have been searching for a long time

  2. Debbie says:

    Maybe I can help

  3. Anastasia Hancock says:

    Hi – I am doing some research into Long Grove and would be keen to talk to anybody that worked there or perhaps visited the hospital regularly. Please do let me know if you’d be available to help me in any way.
    With many thanks,

    1. graham towl says:

      I worked there from 1982 to 1985

      1. kate says:

        hi graham
        do you remember an Andrew Peacock who was there at that time?
        Thanks in advance

        1. claire binley says:

          Hi Kate I am also trying to search for a Andrew peacock who worked at Longrove

          1. claire binley says:

            Hi Kate could u please get insomuch.with me.regarding Andrew peacock my email address is [email protected]. Thank you claire

      2. Paul Lindsey says:

        I was at the adolescent unit (Think it was called Farmstead) around what would have been the start of your time there ‘ did you know anyone from there?

      3. Debra Durrant says:

        Hi Graham,
        You were working at Long grove at the time my mother was a patient. She was in and out of the hospital. Her name was MARY ALCORN. Do you remember her by any chance? Do you know how i would access her medical records?
        Thank you,

    2. Ann says:

      Hello, I trained there from 1978 – 1981

    3. Louise Phillips says:

      Hi I trained as a RMN at Long Grove – do contact me as I would be interested in hearing about and possibly participating in your research.

      1. andy says:

        Hi louise,
        A Rebecca Pope was asking about your where abouts on face book,

      2. karl coffey says:

        hi louise! april 87, best nurses ever!

    4. John Lavery says:

      LGH 85 to 91

    5. Barry says:

      I was the radiographer at Long Grove for many years, right up until closure if I can be of any help.

      1. TVD says:

        Do you have any photographs from Long Grove?

    6. karl coffey says:

      hi anastasia trained as a nurse there 1987-1991 closed shortly after, we had a reunion in chessington last oct, it was wonderful. i enjoyed my years in long grove , if i can be of help , no problem. check out facebook page for old photos, have quiet a few myself.cheers
      karl coffey
      nurse manager

    7. teresa mullaney says:

      Hi I have just seen this while looking for something else. I trained at Long Grove between Jan 88 and March 91,

    8. Austin Back says:

      I worked at Long Grove in the laundry and love in staff accommodation for a while in 1979-1980

    9. John says:

      I was brought up around Longrove from 1961 and worked there from 1980 till 86.
      My Late Mother Kathy Beagley worked there from 1950s till it closed in 1992 in staff Canteen.
      My dad David (Jock) Beagley was a Male Charge Nurse from 1950s till 1992.
      Me and my sister lived in Staff accomadation firstly in Hospital grounds then moved just outside Hospital in Staff House in Horton Lane.
      Seen a lot growing up around that place.

      1. graham towl says:

        Hi John,

        I remember you from the 1982-1985 period when a number of wards seemed to be starting to close down. I have subsequently regained contact with David Thorne who was there from 1981 onwards whilst doing his RMN training too.

      2. Aase Ch. Weel says:

        Hi. My uncle worked there.I visit once.They lived just by the gate in a nice little house.They mooved to Norway when he retired.His name was Archibal HunterBill. Did you know him?

        1. John Beagley says:

          Yes I remember him.
          That house still stands today though the Hospital is now a housing estate. My old childhood house in Horton Lane was demolished to make way for a Roundabout and new entrance to the estate.

    10. Kevin McDonnell says:

      Hello Anastasia, I am working on a project which involves research in to Long Grove, Horton, the Manor, St. Ebba’s and the Manor. We are also researching Horton Cemetery and the Polish military personnel that initially stayed in Long Grove during and after WW2. Our project is partly funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Can we speak to you about your research?

      1. Dee Gordon says:

        are you the Kevin McDonnell who wrote Medieval London Suburbs? I have a copyright query if you are and can contact me via my website http://www.deegordon-writer.com THANKYOU

        1. Frances Rodgers says:

          Hello Dee,
          Kevin McDonnell who wrote Medieval London Suburbs was my uncle. He died in 1988.

      2. Debra Durrant says:

        Hi Kevin,
        I would be very interested in seeing your research. My Mother was in and out of Long Grove from The 1960’s and until it closed. My G. Grandfather was also a patient of one of the hospitals.
        Thank you.

    11. Paul says:

      Hi ,
      what is the nature of your research as I have information and experience of going there regularly having worked in Horton ,nearby .
      I’d like to share information and am interested in what you may have discovered .

      Paul Allen

  4. Steve says:

    Hello. I saw your message as I was looking for information about Long Grove.
    There was an Adolescent Unit attached to the hospital which I attended for a short time in the 1970’s, so if you think I help in any way please drop me a line:
    [email protected]

    1. Louise Kurn nee chatfield says:

      Hi Steve i also attended the adolescent unit and im trying to find others that were there around the 83-85 period of time i was one of the first live out pupils that attended there everyday? Can anyone help with any info on the unit would be great thank u

      1. Tracy says:

        Hi I was there a few years before and there were definitely live out students then

        1. Louise Anne Kurn says:

          Hi tracey when I started as a pupil of the school only I was imformed I was.the first pupil of the school only to be a day pupil everyone else were linked to the unit aswell I was just a pupil never went to the actual unit part my best friend there was another pupil Andrew Booth who passed away some years ago now in his 20’s if any of this rings a bell or u know anyone that went to the school please tell them to get in touch? My email is [email protected]

          1. Paul Lindsey says:

            Knew a guy called Ben Silcock from my old area (Putney) who had a spell on the unit just months before I was admitted there myself in the early 1980s ‘ remember years later he was mauled/badly injured by a lion at London zoo when he climbed into the enclosure during a physcotic episode (was schzophrenic) was on the news/in the papers ‘ wonder what became of him.

        2. paul lindsey says:

          What year were you there Tracy? Do you recall a Dr Baker?

      2. Alison Kan says:

        Hi Louise I was there around that time in farmstead villa

        1. Louise Anne Kurn says:

          I only attended the school there I didnt attend the actual unit I went there because. I couldn’t get on in mainstream schools so they opened the s hool for daypupils? I remember the headteacher was Pat and Murrey was a male.longhaired teacher at thAt time?

          1. Paul Lindsey says:

            Recall Murrey ‘ nice down to earth sort of guy ‘ not sure about the lady you mentioned ‘ do recall an irish lady called Margaret ‘ think she had a dog ‘ bit like lassie .

    2. Sue peak says:

      Hi Steve I was in farmstead from 71-73

      1. John says:

        My Mum and Dad worked at Longrove from Fifties till it shut in 1992.
        We lived in staff house behind South View Villa across from Farmstead Villa.
        My name is John Beagley and my sister was Michelle.
        The grounds were out playground back then and we remember befriending kids from Farmstead Villa.

  5. Maria Dudley says:

    Just been watching secrets of the asylum, very interesting programme. However am I lead to believe if it states on a death certificate that someone has died of general paralysis of the insane that they would have had syphilis that may have contributed to their death?

  6. frank says:

    My grandfather died after ww1 of gpi. The final stages of neurosyphillis killed him. He died in a mental assylum in Bucks. I obtained access to his medical records – interesting, but doesnt make pleasant reading.

    1. Sharron Horton says:

      How did you go about tracking down medical records for this era? I have an ancestor who died in 1916 and am interested as to how he ended up at Long Grove. Death certificate states cause of death as myocardial degeneration, but without a pm. All help appreciated.

  7. andy says:

    Hi there if anyone interseted there is Longrove Reunion on the 27th sept 2014

    contact through email
    [email protected]

  8. Dawn says:

    Hi, is there anyone with connections to the hospital who can give me information about my great-uncle who was an inmate from the mid 1950s until his death in 1987. His name was
    Arthur McGregor Godsall 1913-87. Thanks

    1. Laura says:

      Hi Dawn – I’m researching Long Grove Hospital, and it would be great to talk to you about your great uncle’s experience. If you’d be happy to discuss, please do email me at [email protected]. Thank you, Laura

      1. Paul says:

        Hi ,
        what is the nature of your research as I have information and experience of going there regularly having worked in Horton ,nearby .
        I’d like to share information and am interested in what you may have discovered .

        Paul Allen

  9. Mary Taylor says:

    I am trying to trace records of a Caroline duffield or duffle that died in the institute of epson in 1943-45

    1. ESP Admin says:

      Dear Mary. The team at Surrey History Centre would like to contact you regarding your enquiry about Caroline Duffield or Duffle. However, the e-mail address you provided does not appear to be working. Could you please e-mail [email protected]. Many thanks.

  10. Michael Jones says:

    My name is Michael jones and I trained as a Registered Mental Nurse at Long Grove Hospital from May 1982 to July 1985. Once qualified I worked at the hospital until I left in December of 1985. Nearly 33 years after commencement of training I’m still working – now in North Nottinghamshire in Crisis Psychitary. Does anyone remember Wendy Teresa Penn and, particularly, does anyone know anything about her untimely death in 2000? Wendy was already an RMN when I started at LGH and we had a relationship for a few months. However, we were subsequently great friends with for many years with frequent stays at one another’s homes. This persisited until my marriage in 1994 at which time, it seems, Wendy decided our friendship was no longer appropriate. It was a great shock when I learned of her death three years ago. I was messing about on genealogy sites late into the night and was suddenly confronted with her dates of birth and death. If you know anything, please contact me by leaving a reply here. My Long Grove years were tumultuous but enthralling and I still remember the old place with a deep affection – accompanied by a shiver down my spine – an odd combination. Best Wishes to all Grovians who might remember me, MJ.

    1. graham towl says:

      Mike, Sorry to hear about Wendy. I have no idea what happened. I too have mixed memories of Long Grove – but generally favourable. I worked on E2 for much of my time qualifying in 1985 too. David Thorne got in touch recently through linkedin he was one of the first people that I met at long grove back in February 1982. Was it just me or were the nurse tutors a motley bunch?

      Graham Towl

  11. claire binley says:

    Hi I’m wondering if anyone knew a Andrew peacock who worked at longrove hospital as I’m trying.to.trace him
    Thank you claire

  12. Suzanne Bailey says:

    Hi my niece needs to find her dad for medical reasons he worked at longrove for many years up until the late 1980 s is name is mr andrew peacock is there any way we would be able to get some information from the staff records please

  13. Carole Eden says:

    I am trying to trace 2 of my ancestors, Louie Walker, female, who was reported to be a nurse, she is believed to have worked at Long Grove from about 1908 to about 1910. Also John Henry Ball, who may have been a patient around the same time.
    I would be grateful if someone could tell me if such records exist and how to access them.
    Thank you

    1. Laura says:

      Hi Carole – I’m researching patient experience in Long Grove Hospital, focusing on the 1920s. I would really like to talk to you about your family’s experience. If you’d be happy to discuss, please do email me at [email protected]. Thank you, Laura

  14. Lise Russell says:

    Hello. I am looking for information about my grandmother Iris Wittich who died aged 39 in an asylum in Epsom in 1939 or 1940. Many thanks.

    1. Laura says:

      Hi Lise – I’m researching Long Grove Hospital, particularly patient experience from the 1920s through to the 1950s. It would be great to talk to you about your grandmother’s experience. If you’d be happy to discuss, please do email me at [email protected]. Thank you, Laura

  15. Joy Dean says:

    My great-uncle Howland Walter Brooks, known as Wal, died there in 1963 aged 60.

  16. John Burden says:

    My grandmother Agnes Burden was an inmate at Long grove in 1956 in F1 Ward. She died there in November of that year and may have stayed there at other times. She came from Hackney in east London. Any ideas about how I could obtain more information about her stay/s there?? Many thanks.

    1. Laura says:

      Hi John – I’m researching Long Grove Hospital, especially patient experiences from the 1920s through to the 1950s. It would be great to talk to you about your grandmother’s experience. If you’d be happy to discuss, please do email me at [email protected]. Thank you, Laura

  17. Kim Lloyd says:

    My Dad, Charles,Walter Prince was an inmate there. Cannot give specifics in terms of when it was but I recall arriving with my Mum for visits on Sunday and I must have been about 10/11 so early 1970s. Would like to know the type of treatment he received ,what his condition had been classified and how long he stayed there. Is there anyone outthere who can throw some light. May thanks in advance. Kim

  18. Jessica says:


    My great grandmother Francis Margaret David, died at Horton asylum in 1977. She was a patient there for around 40 years, and we have no idea (apart from what she died from on the death certificate) why she was there. If anyone can help me, I’d be tremendously grateful.



    1. Laura says:

      Hi Jessica – I’m researching experiences in Long Grove Hospital, especially from the 1920s through to the 1950s. I would really like to discuss your great grandmother’s experience with you. If you’d be happy to discuss, please do email me at [email protected]. Thank you, Laura

  19. Sean Hickey says:

    Hi there, trained in Long Grove and left shortly after in 1984 and need to know the postcode, can anybody assist, living in Sydney Australia

    thanks Sean Hickey

    [email protected]

    1. Michael Jones says:

      Hi, Sean. I think I remember you from Long Grove! The postcode there was KT19 8PU – it is not now in use for that or any other part of Epsom. Cheers, Michael Jones.

      1. john Lavery says:

        Hi Mike, George Henderson asking for you.
        I got your old room Frimley 5 when you moved to St Ebba

        1. Michael Jones says:

          Hi, John. I never thought I’d read or hear the words ‘Frimley 5’ ever again! I have some very happy memories of Frimley House – its site now occupied by an ‘executive home’, no doubt. For the record, it was Bangor in North Wales I moved to, not St Ebba’s, thank God. I’m still working – in North Nottinghamshire; community crisis psychiatry. I have no interest in renewing acquaintance or contact with George Henderson, which I know was the point of your message. I hope you have had and are having a successful life and career. Take best care, Mike.

  20. Louise Kurn nee chatfield says:

    Can anyone that went to the long grove hospital adolescent unit as an out patient /pupil please contact me i was there around 83_85 i think i kept in touch with Andrew booth who was my best friend there but unfortunately he has since passed away from hypothermia some years ago now but would love to trace others that may remember me ? Thank you

  21. Barry Sheppard says:

    I am carrying out a research on my Dad’s brother Charles Albert William Sheppard, who if
    indeed it is the right person died in the Epsom District Hospital on the 23rd April 1958.
    He had no known address as was listed as a Vagrant , the informant was listed as the Coroner for Surrey cause of death was obstruction by a food bolus. I am seeking any information that will help in my research, I said if it was the right person as his last address was Chatham in Kent .
    He is down as the informant at his Mothers death in 1934 Chatham Kent where he lived as well. I would be grateful of any information that you can provide .

    1. Laura says:

      Hi Barry – I’m researching Long Grove Hospital, particularly from the 1920s through to the 1950s. I would really like to talk to you about your uncle’s experience. If you’d be happy to discuss, please do email me at [email protected]. Thank you, Laura

  22. EDWARD DABLIN says:

    I am looking for any information about Marie Dablin who died in Long Grove in 1909 from General Paralysis of the Insane according to the death certificate
    is there any way to get details of her admission , medical record etc?
    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  23. Rebecca says:

    My Grandmother died in Long Grove in 1927. It says on the death certificate that she died from Exhaustion from Melencholia. As one cannot die of depression, I wondrred if this was the term used for suicide beacuase it was illegal on those days and to have a Christian burial they used the above term. She died 3 weeks after giving birth to my Dad who was born at home so I expect she actually has severe post natal depression and was admitted to Long Grove as a result of this. Hope someone can clarify the cause of death term please. Many thanks

    1. Laura says:

      Hi Rebecca – I’m researching Long Grove Hospital, particularly from the 1920s to the 1950s. It would be great to talk to you about your grandmother’s experience. If you’d be happy to discuss, please do email me at [email protected]. Thank you, Laura

  24. Ruth Benny says:

    My great grandfather died at The Grove in 1959. I’m interested in accessing the admission records and not able to visit the UK to do so. Is there anyone here that can help?

    1. Laura says:

      Hi Ruth – I’m researching Long Grove Hospital, and it would be great to talk to you about your great grandfather’s experience. If you’d be happy to discuss, please do email me at [email protected]. Thank you, Laura

  25. Paul Lindsey says:

    Hi ‘ was at Farmstead unit for about 8 or 9 months in about 82 ‘ wonder what happened to the unit when the hospital closed like a decade later ‘ remember this former patient unit (South View i think it was called) that had recently closed at that time ‘ used to hide in there on odd occasion when upset ‘ was directly opposite the unit ‘ recall this small prefab building where we had a Christmas nativity play just in front of it! Anyone else recall?

    1. Louise Anne Kurn says:

      Hi paul I went to the adolescent unit as a pupil of the school there I went by taxi everyday im trying to trace anyone I went there with my friends were Andy Booth ,Kevin,Tony all were day pupils the headteacher was Pat .teacher I remember was murrey he played a guitar I had a great time there would love to catch up with old friendsthat went there? My name was Louise Chatfield then?

      1. Tracy says:

        Louise was a girl called Jane long very dark hair a day girl when you were there too?

        1. Durmuid Khan says:

          Are you on facebook?

      2. paul lindsey says:

        You would have been after my time ‘ tho not by much ‘ think the falklands conflict had just happend when i first went there like mid 82

  26. Steven Heffer says:

    I was a resident at the Adolescent unit in the grounds of Long Grove Hospital from 1969 until 1972
    I would like to know if anyone was also there at this time?

    1. John Beagley says:

      Hello Steven
      My late Mother and my dad worked at Longrove from Fifties till it shut in 92.
      We lived in a staff house at the back of what was South View Villa near the prefab building you all used from Farmstead Villa.
      At the time you were there I would have been 11 and my sister 7.
      The Hospital grounds were our playground back then and we knew all the staff and Patients.
      We befriended many of the kids from Farmstead Villa and used to go to the discos that Jimmy Moles an irish nurse used to put on for you all in the prefab.
      Also remember that old Austin A4 that was mounted on a concete plinth outside.
      I remember having a crush on a girl called Belinda Parnell who was Jack Parnells daughter the former famous band leader from sixties and seventies.She was a teenager though and we were always told by our parents to be wary of you all.But we were only friends and she never ever took advantage..
      The majority of you all were really friendly to us and we ne ercfelt threatened at all.

  27. patrick o`brien says:

    i worked at the adolescent unit in79-82 anyone remember me

    1. Alison Kan says:

      Do you have ginger hair curly?
      I think I might remember you

    2. Durmuid Khule says:

      My admission was about June that year i think ‘ when did you finish there? left about Feb ish 83 ‘ recall a coloured lad called Clyde or mayby Clive ‘ used to fool around an do stuff together ‘ a teacher called Murray who was a scot ‘ and Julian (we supported the same football team ‘CHELSEA) remember us kids used to make toast together on a rota each evening.

    3. paul lindsey says:

      Do you recall exactly when you finished there Pat? I was admitted there in bout Late June /early July the year you left ‘ left in around early 83 as memory serves ‘ remember the day channel 4 was launched watching it come on air ‘ strange what we remember ‘ remember this lad Clyde or Clive who was there at the same time who I used to hang around with ‘ and Murray one of the teachers at the school who was scottish who would take us trampolining in the hospital gym or to a local youth center ‘ and another called Julian who was a fellow Chelsea supporter like myself ‘ and an Irish lady called Margaret (I think) remember a colored male nurse who used to work nights who got sacked during my time there for allegations of abuse! Remember doing a nativity play for Christmas in this small prefab hut right outside the unit with someone filming it on a camcorder!! Evenings us kids would take turns in making toast for everyone in the kitchen ‘ do you remember a man called Arthur the unit manager by memory ‘ and Dr Tony Baker who carried out acts of abuse ‘ I think a man called Bill worked there as well who had abusive tendencies (threatnend to grab my privates and squeeze once when I talked back to him when he started picking on me) and another nasty one called Joe ‘ think he was chinese or something ‘ if you absconded they took your clothes away eg ‘ today that would be a breach of human rights.

  28. Austin Back says:

    I worked there in the laundry in 1979, Harry Russell was my boss. I lived in staff quarters in Burford House opposite the laundry across the car park. the legendry Sadie Moles worked in the laundry too, she was one of the funniest ladies I have ever met

    1. Joe Cooksey says:

      Hi. I worked in the builders yard as a plumbers mate between 1965 and 1967. The laundry was run by “Harry” but I don’t remember his surname. Same Harry? He and a butcher, (Sid) would take horse racing bets from us.

      1. John Beagley says:

        Hi Joe
        I worked in builders yard with the late Jonny Saunders,The late Bill Bushnell,Ray Garmen Thd late Albie the chippy.
        That was from 80 to 86.
        You would ha e know my late Mother Kathy Beagley who was Staff canteen supervisor from Fifties till it closed in 92.
        Also my dad Jock Beagley Staff Nurse who played football.
        Harry Russell was in charge of Laundry and Sud Elesey was the butcher.

        1. Joe says:

          Hi John
          I must have known your mum. I also remember Ray. Ray and a few of us used to play cards. Sometimes we got down the subways under the hospital for a card game. Only played for pennies but it was fun.

  29. Alan Woodhams says:

    I am Alan Woodhams, l was a patient between 1968 and 1974,
    It was a differant world then.

  30. Graham Towl says:

    I remember Jimmy Simgram, Diane Jenkins, James Walsh, Paul Osterberg, Janet Holton, Mark Colby and Tony who cooked the omlettes. All at Long Grove in the 80s

    1. Michael Jones says:

      And me, Towl, surely!

      1. Graham Towl says:

        Of course Mike!

        1. Michael Jones says:

          Thanks, Graham,
          I hope you and Jackie are thriving despite these turbulent and testing times.
          Be happy,

          1. Graham towl says:

            We are both good thanks. We have very much settled into Durham. I hope that all is well with you. Take care and best wishes, Graham.

    2. John Beagley says:

      You would have known my late mum and Longrove Legend Kathy Beagley canteen supervisor.
      She us up there with the late Jonny Saunders and Sadie Moles as Longrove staff legends.

      1. Joe Cooksey says:

        Hi. Was the Jonny Saunders you mentioned a plumbers mate?

        1. John Beagley says:

          The late Jonny Saunders was the drain man and I was his labourer.
          Ray Garmen also was his opo aswell.

          1. Joe says:

            When I worked there, John was plumbers mate to Arthur and I was plumbers mate to Ron. There were about seven of us who used to play cards for pennies, Ray being one of us. Back then Tom was the drain man and George, and I think, Bert,(that name might be wrong) were chippies. Enjoyed my time working there but when I got married I moved out of Epsom.

  31. Tracey wood says:

    Can you help my great nan died in the long grove Epsom 1964 she had sugar diabetes and as far as I know gone off her head what I’m trying to find out is where she was buried I have a death certificate from the hospital with a number on Xg058134 her babe was Emily pamment can you help how I find out where she is

  32. John Lavery says:

    Long Grove we’re meeting up again in the spiritual home of Epsom.Assembley Rooms 23rd Nov 8pm

    1. Dee law says:

      Was interested as I have recently become a carer for Ella actually Isabella. Ella is eighty five yrs of age. She was born in co.durham and she went to work there I believe in her twenties I think supervising the catering dept. She met her husband there dan Gomez, he was Spanish.
      As she was born in 1934 I assume she was therefrom say in the early fifties and she worked there for many yrs as did dan.
      She now has slight dementia but still good memories.
      She told me all this today, hence I wanted to find out if the original building still stood, obviously it does not. Dan was a mail nurse.
      On reading the many comments here I felt she must remember some of the people mentioned
      And at some future date I thought I might just drive her round the area as I live in Worcester park and often drive in that area where several of the old mental hospitals were. Would be interesting to find out where long grove actually stood.


    2. Graham towl says:

      I guess there is nothing planned for this year in view of COVID 19 – I lived in Godstone House and have fond memories of LGH from 1982 to 1985, it seems a world away.

  33. Debra Durrant says:

    Does anyone remember my Mother, MARY ALCORN? She was in and out of Long Grove from mid 1960’s until it closed.
    Also does anyone remember Dr. Pamela Pilkington?

    1. Graham Towl says:

      I remember Dr Pam Pilkington. I understand that she has now retired. And I did hear that her son has followed in her footsteps as a psychiatrist.

  34. Becky Monk says:

    I am looking for any records on Jean Eleanor Knowles who worked in Longgrove between around 1936-1939. The electoral roles for those years show her there and I have been told that she was a nurse. She was born in Belfast in 1912 and I am just looking for any records I can read through which might give me an idea as to what her working life was like at the hospital and what experience she had.

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