Netherne Hospital, Coulsdon, Archives

The Surrey County Asylum at Netherne was built 1907-9. Netherne hospital closed in 1994.

Read more about the history of Netherne hospital.

Important: please note that any patient records less than 100 years old and staff records less than 75 years old are likely to have access restrictions. Individual records are not available to view through this website. For details on viewing records please see the Access To Mental Hospital Records page.

The main accession numbers to find records for Netherne Hospital at Surrey History Centre are 3540, 6376, 6523 and 7338 (click on the individual links to see the archive records).

The principal series of records held at Surrey History Centre and relating to individual patients are as follows, although there are gaps in some series:

  • Burial Registers, 1909-1960
  • Patient Case Files, 1909-1960
  • Admission Registers, 1909-1996
  • Discharge/Transfer and Discharge/Death Registers, 1909-1996
  • Death Registers, 1909-1931
  • Notice of Death Registers, 1909-1994
  • Inquest Register, 1942-1991
  • Post Mortem Register, 1942-1947

Surrey History Centre also hold Staff Records, 1905-1992

65 thoughts on “Netherne Hospital, Coulsdon, Archives”

  1. Barbara Lawrence says:

    In June 1940 my mother Barbara Greene was a VAD serving at Netherne Emergency Hospital. I’m researching my British family during World War II and want to learn more about the hospital and staff who were there at that time. If you can help, please contact me at: [email protected]. Thank you for your help.

  2. Rachel Legg says:

    Looking for information on my great grandmother : Daisy Legg. Patient at netherne asylum between 1900-1940.

  3. Helen Rayner says:

    I worked as a trainee psychiatrist at this hospital in 1991. I worked for Dr Ekdawi who is hte best psychiatrist that I have ever trained with. It was on a beautiful site – very rural – I remember feeding the foxes with left over sandwiches from our lunch ( wouldn’t do this now!) Although it was a little old fashioned – the staff called each other by their surnames. It was caring and I enjoyed my time here – it was good to get away from the hustle and bustle of London life. My father was at boarding school at Caterham School next door during the second world war – he sometimes used to break into the grounds! He was Christopher Stephen Rayner … Steve to his friends and family – a wonderful man.

    1. Michael Clark says:

      Good Morning Helen, I was reviewing my family history files and in the past I have discovered a relevant connection with Netherton and wrote to see if I could discover more about the place. Unfortunately the records of the ancestor I was interested in were lost. However, I noticed recently quite by chance your email and was very keen to contact you because the great aunt I was reviewing was Eliza Rayner who died in the hospital on the 8th October 1929 aged 45! Whether there is a family connection I have no idea but the coincidence was remarkable. Eliza Rayner (nee Hart) was born on the 3rd April 1884 and married William Rayner on the 31st May 1911. In the 1920s they lived together at 15 Grove Road Reigate. When Eliza went into Netherene on the 12 November 1926 that is the address that appears on her death certificate. What do you think? I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Michael Clark.

  4. Graham Jones says:

    Hi I’m looking for information and details on my father Joseph jones who was a patient here in the 1960s to the 1980s and any relatives in the caulsdon Morden Carshalton areas.please contact me leaving numbers thanks

    1. Michelle says:

      I’m also lookin for Joseph jones from Surrey that was marrid to a June jones an had a son called anthoney please call me if this means anything to u ??? 07468424590

  5. jenny st john says:

    i wondered if anyone has any information about my great grandmother who may have been placed here between 1914 -1925. Her name was Kate Emily Pawsey. We also have a postcard from a Nurse Kelly dated 1924 and wondered if there were any records that might help us to fill in the gaps re our family history. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

    kind regards Jenny

  6. Sarah Coleman says:

    I am looking for any information and records held about Sophia Wyatt my Great Great grandmother who was a patient in netherne hospital…some time between 1912 – 1952 as far as I know she died in the hospital.. I would really appreciate any information you may have!!
    Thank You

  7. Pat O`Brien says:

    I was a psychiatric nursing student at Netherne 1964-1967. A very happy experience there.
    Mr Dicker was principal Tutor assisted by Mr Gooderham, Mr Owen and Miss Naylor – all brilliant teachers.
    Dr Peter Mellett lectured in neurology, Dr Robinson psychology, Dr Marshall pharmacology, Dr Carr neuroses, Dr Ekdawi functional psychoses, Dr Raymond organic psychoses.
    I worked most closely with Dr Ekdawi, a wonderful person

    My best friend there was Richard Hickey who progressed into nursing administration and has now retired to Ireland.
    I pursued a career in nurse education having qualified as a nurse tutor at York. I returned to Dublin in 1982 and took up a nurse Tutors post there.
    I later took a Masters degree in Education and lectured at the Royal College of Surgeons and Trinity College Dublin. I am now enjoying retirement.
    Would love to hear from anyone who knows me!
    Perhaps I`ll see some of you at the Netherne staff re-union on Friday 3rd July 2015 – Venue: COULSDON MANOR HOTEL

    1. glen braithwaite says:

      im trying to find any information on my late mother who emigrated from guyana south america in 1960 and studied at netherne between 1960 – 1968?
      Her name then was zena habibula and she lived in thornton heath and continued nursing in tooting
      Thank you

      1. John Marsden says:

        Hi Helen
        I am writing the history of Mental Hospital Nurses Badges. There are currently some Netherne Hospital Badges for sale on Ebay
        I wonder if you could shed some light on the three different badges. One is surrounded with a Silver Wreath and is Silver the other on is bronze surrounded with a bronze wreath. The third one is just plain. I am guessing that the silver was awarded to RMN’s and the bronze was awarded to SEN(M). I do not have any idea who the plain one was awarded to.
        I know some male nurses who trained at Netherne perhaps you might know them Jim Steele for Granada Cilve Nimblet for Jamica Robin Karney and Desi Wilkinson from Northern Ireland. I have lost contact with thermal.
        If you have any info on the badges it will be appreciated
        Kind regards John Marsden

    2. Helen Moreau says:

      Hi Pat, no I didn’t know you, I left in 1963 having completed my training .
      I lost touch with my colleagues, some of whom may hav3 continued at Netherne and Fairdene after their training. I often wonder what became of Miss Naylor, she was engaged for a time to a Greek psychiatrist but sadly that ended. I live in Ireland now. I have tried to contact a few of my former colleagues over the years. I missed the reunion, do you think there will be another one? Perhaps we could chat sometime. All the best, Hele; Moreau, nee Walsh

    3. John Marsden says:

      Hi Pat
      Love your post about Nurses Training. I wonder if you ever knew some people that I was acquainted with:- Desmond Wilkinson, Robin Karney (both from Northern Ireland) Jim Steel from Granada and Clive Nimblet for Jamaica. I have lost contact with them. Like you I have retired. I did visit the hospital a few times – dances in the Rec Hall.

    4. John Marsden says:

      Hi Pat
      I wonder if you can help me. There has been a lot of badges on Ebay from the Hospital . I guess that these were Hospital Badges awarded to nurses on completion of their training. There are three different type of badges viz., A badge with a silver wreath surrounding the badge – another is a badge with a wreath bronze colour surrounding the badge. Then there is just the plain badge with no wreath.
      I am guessing that one silver was for RMN and the other bronze was for SEN (M). This leaves the plain badge who was awarded that.
      I wonder if you can shed any light on my queries.
      John K Marsden

    5. Inger E. Sørlie says:

      I know you, remember you very well, and Richard Hickey. My name is Inger and I am norwegian. Perhaps you remember me? I was a student nurse together with Carmel Masterson.A grate girl from Ireland. Would love to get in touch.

  8. Ann Power says:

    The Netherne Reunion for 2015 will be on Friday 3rd July 1pm to 5pm (onwards) at the Toby Pub/Carvery in Brighton Road, South Croydon, CR2 6EJ. We’d be delighted to see all past Netherne staff and friends.

    1. Helen walsh moreau says:

      I would like to hear from any student nurse from 1960 to 63. Thanks, Helen Walsh moreau

    2. Sam says:

      Did you have the reunion? I am a student research asylum art and wondered if you knew Thea Hart, Mary Bishop, J Wisdom? Do you know anyone that either was a patient, doctor or nurse or staff that would be willing to speak with me?

      1. Holly Grange says:

        Hello Sam,

        I am likewise researching the Adamson art collection. Can I ask whether you got anywhere with your research enquiries last year? I would like to surface some of the artist’s viewpoints and voices where possible. Thanks, Holly

  9. Pat O`Brien says:

    Important Note

    It has been brought to my attention that the VENUE for the Netherne Hospital reunion given by me in my march correspondence is INCORRECT. The actual VENUE is: THE TOBY PUB/CARVERY, Brighton Road, South Croydon.
    DATE: Friday 3rd July – 1pm -5pm (onwards).

    My apologies to Ann for this error


  10. Michelle says:

    Any info on Joseph or anthoney jones please contact me x

    1. Pat O`Brien says:

      Hi Michelle,

      You didn`t say whether Mr Jones was a member of staff, a student or a patient?
      Also, approx what yr/yrs are you referring to?

      Kind regards,


      1. Michelle says:

        He was a patient , since Putin this on hear iv found his sons graham an Anthony wich are my fathers brothers , any more info would be great x

  11. Annie Medhurst says:

    Looking for information on my father’s sister. She was Margaret Dorothy Medhurst. Born Q1 1912 and buried at Netherne hospital 25/6/1928

  12. Louise Gough says:

    I am wondering if anyone has any photographs of Thomas William Mercer (Tom Mercer). He was a Charge Nurse at Netherne Hospital around 1970’s.
    I am his daughter and I have no photographs of my father.
    Thank you in advance.

  13. Dana Chucki says:

    Hi, my Grandfather was a patient at Netherne during the 1970s and possibly before. His name was Piotr Chucki. He was born on 8.2.19 and died in 1977. As far as I know he was diagnosed with a form of Schizophrenia. I am hoping to find out if anyone knew him and what happened to him during the war? Many thanks, Dana.

  14. Richard Whineray says:

    My father Derek Sydney Whineray died when I was 10 (now aged 66). I understand he was a patient in Netherne around 1955? My mother now also dead never spoke about it.
    Does anyone have any knowledge please?

  15. Robert Bowles says:

    I am researching my family history. My aunt Gladys Catherine GREEN (nee Bowles) was a patient and died unexpectedly on 5th August 1972. The death certificate refers to an inquest held on 9th August and 29th August.
    I am wondering where the Inquest records are kept.
    I have very little to go on because she was not talked about when ai was young and I did not know of her existance until I was in my 20s. I think she may have arrived at Netherne during or just after world War II

  16. Graham Jones says:

    Hi, my father Joseph Jones was a patient at this hospital during the 60s. 70s and died in the early 80s I’m looking for any photos of him or friends or relatives IV found a brother and his family . Thanks in advance.

  17. Susan Wallace says:

    My great aunt Agnes Dunnigan was a nurse at Netherne Mental Hospital from 1930-1937. We were hoping to find out more information regarding Agnes but to no avail.
    We have tried Ancestry records but just keep hitting dead ends.
    If anybody has any information regarding Agnes Dunnigan it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

  18. Kelly Reed says:


    I’m trying to find information on my husbands great grandfather, who worked at Netherne from the 1940s to 1960s – called Harry or Herbert or Bertie REED aka HILL.

    Many thanks

  19. Roger says:

    I am looking for information on my Aunt, Phyllis Dellow who was a permanent resident at the hospital until she died 8/4/1979. She was born in 1910. My late mother Mable Howard was her next of kin. Thanks

  20. bernadette rayner says:

    Hi, I’m looking for information on my maternal grandmother, Pretoria May Cliffe, who was an inpatient at the Netherne in 1939 at the age of 38/39. My mother remembers visiting her at the age of 8 on her 8th birthday, 25th July 1939. She remembers it because her mother, my grandmother, Pretoria May Cliffe, had completely forgotten it was her birthday. She has struggled with birthdays ever since. My grandmother died in 1987, aged 1987. Any information would be gratefully accepted

  21. Freda Brooke (me Meadows) says:

    FredaBrooke neeMeadows.itrained at Netherne as part of the 4 year scheme with St James’Hospital Balham, where I had started my state Registered Nursing Training. My self and a fellow student Shirley Webb were chosen to do the 4 year scheme which allowed us to qualify for both SRN an R MN in 4 years. I thoroughly enjoyed my training and doing psychiatry made me a very aware and complete nurse. Jo Dicker was the Senior Tutor with Maggie Naylor. ,I qualified in both General and Psychi nursing in 1960 and did a short spell as a staff nurse, then Deputy Ward Sister on Highfield Villa with an emphasis on Rehabilitation.Dr Freudenberg was the Med. Suptd. And Dr Marshall his deputy. I too worked with Dr Ekdawi and Dr Dalberg on Fairdene North and West.I always feel I was so lucky to work there with such great people and fellow staff and learnt so much about people in general. One added point is I also found a husband of 56 years who was also a male nurse at the same time.
    I later went up to Birmingham and met Jessie Mccoughlan who was matron there while my husband went Birmingham Uni to do the Jessie young Husband course for Social work and became a Mental Welfare Officer. Good old Netherne prepared us well!

    1. John Marsden says:

      Hi Freda
      I wonder if you can held. There has been some Netherne Hospital badge on Ebay There are three types. On is silver with a silver wreath around it. The other is bronze with a wreath. Then there is a pain one. I am guessing the silver one is for RMN’s the bronze one was for SEN(M). The plain badge is for ???
      I collect Mental Hospital Badges and write up the history of the badges. So if you can help in any way it will be appreciated.
      Kind Regards
      John K Marsden

  22. Helen walsh moreau says:

    I trained at Netherne and Fairdene, qualifying in 1963. I would love to hear from former fellow student nurses, Joe Dickers was head tutor assisted by Mr Owen and Maggie Naylor. I was Helen Walsh then, I recall Sheila Byrne, Anna Masterson, Margaret Keenan. Please get in touch if you were at Netherne during my time there.

  23. Michael Field says:

    i’m trying to research my wife’s grandmother who we believe was in Netherne hospital, and believe she passed away in 1970.
    Looking at old electoral rolls for the 1960’s it seems she was in a place called Shirley Lodge, a hostel for old people, at 129 Pampisford road.
    My question, was this building under netherne or was it a seperate organisation?

  24. r parker says:

    i am trying to find any information about my brother robert anthony parker who was a resident at nethern in 1961 1962 aprox any information would be apreciated r parker

  25. Ann Power says:

    This year, 2018, there will be two reunions of Netherne Staff and anyonewho grew up on the Netherne Estate.
    1. Thursday 5th July at the Toby Carvery, Brighton Road, South Croydon, CR2 6ES. We meet in the bar/garden area at 2 pm.
    2. Wednesday 12th September at Netherne Village Hall (formerly the Recreation Hall) at Netherne at 2 pm.
    All are welcome. No need to book; just turn up on the day. A great opportunity to meet friends and acquaintances from the past (and for those with an interest like Sam to meet Staff who worked there).

  26. maxine parker says:

    My late grandfather and late grandmother John William legg and daisy Helen legg nee hayward were patients at nethene asylum at some point would love more info if anyone has any, I believe my grandfather cut a bunion and incurred septicaemia whilst in there.

  27. Marj says:

    Does anyone have any stories or photos of my Aunt Sarah (Marjory) Baker, who was a Ward sister, or her husband John (Jack) who was head porter. They worked at Netherne from the late 1940s until adound1986. Many thanks,

  28. Carole says:

    Does anyone remember my father John Bernard Blackman, a patient who was admitted & died suddenly from epiglottitis in August 1969 ?

  29. Ann Power says:

    A correction to my post of 4th June re Reunion on 12th September, this Reunion will not now take place at Netherne this year [ 2018 ].
    We had a very successful Netherne Reunion on the 5th of July 2018 at the Toby Carvery in south Croydon with Surrey History Centre from Woking in attendence with hundreds of great pictures of Netherne Hospital and gardens from the past, on display for the afternoon.

  30. Helen Greengrass says:

    I am looking for information on my Grandfather, Percy Maddocks who died at Netherne in 1947?

  31. maxine parker says:

    My late grandfather was in netherne asylum too at one time his name was John William Legg, anyone who worked there remember him please.

  32. Michael Bulmash says:

    I am looking for any information on Dr.Alexander Distler who was at Netherne in the 1950’s.

  33. Liz White says:

    Does anyone remember Alfred White and Mary White who worked in Netherne in 60s 70s and 80s. Mary now 94 .

    1. Maggie Wareham says:

      Alf and Mary had a son Peter and a daughter who kept guinea pigs.
      Mary had a friend called Katherine Bell. She was my aunty Kath.
      Mary probably would know her as Kitty. She was a ward sister and married to Tom.

    2. Maggie says:

      My mum and dad knew Alf and Mary. Mum was a nurse, Dad was a carpenter in the hospital and my grandad was an upholsterer. They were very fond of Alf and Mary

  34. Scott says:

    Looking for any information on my great grandfather John Baker who worked at the hospital in 1950s possibility also 1960s.

  35. Paul Smith says:

    My father George William Smith was a charge nurse at Netherne in the 1950’s / 60’s. He played both cricket & football for the hospital team and I have many happy memories of playing in and around the hospital farm and it’s fields.
    I would like to make contact with anyone who knew him and if there is to be another reunion at any time I would love to be able to attend.

  36. Angelique Gainza says:

    My late husband, Dr Freddie Gainza, who died in 2013 worked at The Netherne Hospital as a junior doctor when he first arrived in this country in the early 1970s. His consultant, whose name was something like Magheron, painted his portrait and I am anxious to put the proper spelling of his surname to the painting . I would be most grateful if anyone who knew him or his consultant would be able to help. [email protected]
    Very many thanks

  37. Holly Grange says:

    Hello, I am researching patients who made artwork with Dr Adamson at Netherne Hospital. Of particular interest to my research is Gwyneth Rowlands (the flint lady). However, if there is anyone out there that is related to any of the artists in the collection who lived at Netherne or perhaps worked there and knew Adamson, Gwyneth or any of the artists, I would love to hear from you. My email address is [email protected]

  38. Sarah Flowers says:

    hello, we are searching for information regarding Maude Wood before known as Maude Mccallum who was a patient up untill she died in the 60’s. Unfortunately we do not have alot of to go on but we do know she married Alexander Stanley Wood who was our grandfather aparently a porter at Netherne while she was a patient.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated not only to trace family history, but for health reasons running within our family which has passed on to our own children.

    Kind regards

  39. Caroline Dennigan says:

    I was a pupil nurse at Netherne and have many fond memories of my time there.

  40. Bernard Mcweeney says:

    My uncle Patrick or Peter Cornyn was a patient at Netherne and he managed to escape and was killed by a train in Purley- we know very little about him and would like to get some information- he must have been there before 1930

  41. Ann Power says:

    The next NETHERNE REUNION will be on Friday 3rd July 2020 at 2pm at the Toby pub & carvery, 415 Brighton Rd, South Croydon, CR2 6ES – same as previously – next to Purley Oaks railway station and plenty of buses. Ann Power

    1. Brian Greener says:

      I used to work in the records Office at Netherne Hospital from 1954 .
      Unfortunately. am hazy about actual dates.
      would love the opportunity to speak with any of my co workers .I have just seen your text and wonder if anybody can help .NowI live down on the South coast but due to my ageand other reasons , would be unable to get to the Reunion When and if it is rescheduled..
      Would appreciate any assistance in this matter.Thank you.

    2. karenmarie nielsen says:

      I missed this but will there be one in 2021? I live in the U.S. and was unable to travel this year due to the coronovirus . I hope to come to London next year and would love to see people I have a connection with. I was a student at Netherne 1976- 1980.
      Karenmarie Nielsen

  42. Dunne Barbara says:

    Might there be records of WW2 emergency admissions, 1939-1940?

  43. Celine Hobson-Garcia says:

    Hello Pat,

    I am trying to get in touch with Rose Bell from Birmingham who was a nurse at Netherne and Cintra Nanan from Trinidad now married
    both worked at Netherne Hospital. I would love to get in touch with them
    I had some great times with these girls whom I met at St Francis Hospital and who did further training at Netherne.


  44. Ann Power says:

    Sadly, due to present CV19 circumstances, the Reunion planned for 3rd July 2020 . will have to be postponed. I will post a new date when things become clearer.

  45. Maxine Margaret Alison Parker Nee Legg says:

    I Would Like To Know If My Late Grandmother Daisy Helen Legg Nee Haywood Is Buried In Netherne Cemetery And If So Would There Be Any Records Of The Exact Location In Cemetery Please.

  46. Chris Richmind says:

    I worked at Netherne for approx 2 years. I used to work 2 nights a week. I recal the long long corridirs, and the villas within the grounds. I was never scared to work here, quite frequently I worked alone on the ward, and charge nurse would do 2/3 visits during tge night. I was a mere Nursing Assistant

  47. Jason songhurst says:

    I lived in netherne Lane for awhile around 1986 with Stella and Stan Williams, looking for Karl Kemp or Debbie Kemp or anyone else that knew me.

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