West Park Hospital, Epsom, Archives

West Park Hospital was opened on 20 June 1924.

West Park Hospital became part of the newly formed Surrey Heartlands NHS Trust in 1995 but much of the hospital is now closed, except for a few administration buildings, and awaiting re-development.

Read more about the history of West Park Hospital and a personal history of life at the hospital.

Important: please note that any patient records less than 100 years old and staff records less than 75 years old are likely to have access restrictions. Individual records are not available to view through this website. For details on viewing records please see the Access To Mental Hospital Records page.

The main accession numbers to find records for West Park Hospital at Surrey History Centre are 6280, 6294, 6366, 6380, 6423, 7329, 7604 and 7856. Click on the links to see the individual catalogues of these accessions which provide item descriptions.

The principal series of records held at Surrey History Centre and relating to individual patients are as follows, although there are gaps in some series.

Alphabetical Registers, 1924-1988

These include patient’s date of admission; general reference no; name of patient; chargeability or area no; present status; date of departure/removal/discharge/death

Admission Registers, 1924-1990

These provide information relating to patients’ names, reference numbers, date of admission, date of reception order, date of continuation of the order, sex, marital status, occupation, address, union, county or borough to which chargeable, form of mental disorder, supposed cause and duration of attacks, bodily health and the date of discharge, removal or death.  The names of hospitals from which or to which a patient was transferred are also given.

Discharge/Transfer Registers, 1924-1988

The details included in each register comprise the date of discharge or transfer, date of last admission and the name of patient, stating whether private or pauper.  If the patient was discharged the new address was given.  If the patient was transferred to another asylum the name of that institution was noted.  Medical details were only provided of those patients who were discharged ‘recovered’.

Death Registers, 1924-1988

These provide details of the date of death, the date of last admission, the number of the patient in the civil register, the name of the patient and whether they were private or pauper, their sex, age, the duration of their last attack of mental illness, the forms of their disorder on admission and at death, the principal and contributory causes of death and whether these were confirmed by a post-mortem.  For registers of the Horton Cemetery that served all of the Epsom Cluster hospitals between c.1902 and 1955, see 6376.  An index to these registers has been prepared by Surrey History Centre volunteers, Mike and Gill Couper.

Post-Mortem Registers, 1924-1957

Funeral Registers, 1957-1962; 1978-1985

Patient Case Files, 1924-1940

Staff Records, 1924-1979

7 thoughts on “West Park Hospital, Epsom, Archives”

  1. Mrs Susan Israiel says:

    I am very interested to find out my grandmothers record.I was adopted as a baby and subsequent research shows she was at West park Hospital Epsom.Indeed I believe she died there.I dont even know what year she died.I am trying to piece my family history together but its very dfficult when patients records are kept private even when theyve passed away.

  2. John says:

    My Grandma (Beatrice Marian Bates) was a patient from Feb/March 1933 until she died on 8th August 1933. She was admitted because she could not cope with the death of my Grandad (Charles Henry Bates) who died on Feb 16th 1933. Could anyone point me in the right direction to find any record of my Grandma’s time at West Park Road Hospital? She originally resided at Archer Street, South Lambeth.

    Regards John

  3. Ria Stoddart says:

    I am interested in finding photographs of a staff member of the asylum, Mary (Emelda) Plant (nee Harker).

    If any exist, where can I obtain same?

  4. Lisa walker says:

    Any one born 1950s named Alice matulka or reffold .

    1. cmichelle says:

      Why reffold? That’s my dad’s biological fathers name? He was adopted too, I believe his Dad was from Surrey?

  5. roger learney says:

    I worked at West Park from 1965-1968, dealing with patients records. I remember looking in the old archives once, and it was apparent that they contained many sad stories. There were still some old chaps there who had been in The First World War and had been traumatized by their experiences. It was a happy place to work, but there were some desperately sad stories, conversely it was also a place of refuge and a good home for many. I just hope that when it closed they were not just dumped out to ‘care in the community’.

  6. Terry Bright says:

    Researching family history, I have hit a brick wall with my paternal grandmother. I understand her maiden name was Isabella Vancouver and she married Edward Bright. I know she was in West Park at the time of the 1939 register and there is a Mid-Surrey death record for 1940 which may (or may not) be her. Neither surname is very common, but she is proving something of a mystery. Can anyone throw any light on her time in West Park?

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