Military and War

Fire At Clandon Park. We have no firm information concerning the extent of the damage to the collections of the Surrey Infantry Museum caused by the devastating fire at Clandon Park. The regimental archives and papers and photographs of individual soldiers, already transferred to Surrey History Centre, remain safe and accessible.

Surrey has a strong and long standing military history. The Queen’s Royal Surrey Regiment traces its origins back to 1661. The Royal Military College began in 1800 as a school for staff officers which later became the Staff College, Camberley. A Junior Department was formed in 1802, to train gentlemen cadets as officers of the Line. A new college was built at Sandhurst, into which the cadets moved in 1812.

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  1. Anthony Brian Witney says:

    I was born in Woking and am trying to recall whether there was a unit of the Royal Canadian
    Parachute Regiment based in St. Johns, Woking, near Inkerman Barracks.

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