Bombing Casualties in Surrey

The Surrey County Council Special War Executive published an official report on bomb damage, covering the Surrey Constabulary area (this report cannot at present be located but extracts have been published elsewhere). The report split Surrey into two areas: Eastern which included pre1974 boroughs now in Greater London plus Epsom and Esher, and Western covering the remainder of Surrey but excluding Spelthorne which was then in Middlesex.

The casualty figures for Surrey at 1945 were:

  • 2,300 killed
  • 5,216 seriously injured
  • 8,905 slightly hurt
  • Total 16,421

The number of fatalities compare with Kent, 2,974; Sussex 1,008; and Essex, 855. The Borough of Croydon was one of the worst hit of all London Boroughs. The Eastern Area with 13,905 casualties suffered substantially more than the Western Area with only 2,516 casualties.

London was obviously a strategic target together with operational airfields at Croydon and Kenley. Targets in the Western Area were few but included the aircraft factories at Brooklands and the tank factory at Longcross. Smaller targets received less attention. This is reflected in casualty figures: Weybridge 725, Guildford 78, Haslemere 23.

There does not appear to have been any deliberate bombing of towns in Surrey with very little damage to town centres. There was, however, a large number of bombs dropped in rural areas, 240 incidents in Guildford Rural District often without damage or casualties. This was probably due to aircraft dumping bombs in order to increase the chances of getting home. Farnham and Camberley escaped much bomb damage despite a number of military targets over the Hampshire border at Aldershot, Farnborough, Sandhurst and the airfields at Odiham and Hartford Bridge. The opening of Dunsfold airfield later in the war meant it was too late to receive much attention from the Luftwaffe.

2 thoughts on “Bombing Casualties in Surrey”

  1. Peter Butterworth says:

    I am wishing to find how my step-mother Florence Eileen Butterworth(nee Baker) died I believe she was killed in an air raid in Surrey and if she has a grave or on a memorial, she died on June 1944.
    I would be grateful if you could give me any imformation

  2. Penny Tomkins says:

    Seem to recollect that their was a bomb dropped in Addison Road during the second world war
    my husband was a baby at no 58 and it was close by to him. Has any one any photos of this
    bomb and the damage it caused.

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