An Incident of the Great War


The East Surrey Regiment dribbled four footballs, the gift of their captain, who fell in the fight,
for a mile and a quarter into the enemy trenches during the attack.

On through the hail of slaughter,
Where gallant comrades fall,
Where blood is poured like water,
They drive the trickling ball.
The fear of death before them,
Is but an empty name;

True to the land that bore them,
The Surrey’s play the game.On without check or falter,
They press towards the goal;

Who falls on Freedom’s alter,
The Lord shall rest his soul.
But still they charge the living
Into that hell of flame;

Ungrudging in their giving,
Our soldiers play the game.
And now at last is ended
The task so well begun;

Though savagely defended,
The lines of death are won.
In this, their hour of glory,
A deathless place they claim,
In England’s splendid story,
The men who played the game.


One Response to An Incident of the Great War

  1. Luc Vanacker says:

    Dear Mrs,
    Dear Sir,

    According to my information, Lt. Edward Wise is commemorated at St Peterschurch at Wolking, Surrey. As I pass in the neighbourhood on Wednesday 30 August, I would like to pay a visit to that memorial. Lt. Edward Wis died in the Nieuport sector on 20 October 1914, while helping the Belgians. Do I have a chance to find the church open at about 11h00?
    Sincere regards,

    Luc Vanacker
    Helvetiastraat 44
    8670 Koksijde

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