Maybury, St Pauls Church

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2 thoughts on “Maybury, St Pauls Church”

  1. tiny says:

    Is there a way of finding out if a school or orphanage existed here, where currently the road named ‘Little Riding, is. Maybe you have a way of finding out at some point in history? I have tried googling. and looking at old maps (only a church and chapel show up) and so I wondered if you could suggest some other way, or had access among records?

    Thank you for you help, warmest regards.

    1. Arthur Philip whittick says:

      Hi, just seen this. As a user of Wetherspoons in Woking, I am sure there is some reference to an orphanage thereabouts, with pictures of some of the boys in attendance, if not the actual one you seek. Of course it could be a complete red herring – will take a closer look next time I happen to be in there.

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