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Mayford Industrial School. Memorials in original locationMayford Industrial School

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If you have any information, including documents or photographs, relating to someone mentioned on the memorial, or the memorial itself, Surrey History Centre would very much like to hear from you. A Flickr site has been set up where anyone can post their own pictures of the memorial and the people commemorated on it.

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The Mayford Industrial School building has been demolished but this old photograph shows the memorials in their original location. The memorials are presently in store and not on public display.

Surrey History Centre holds many documents relating to Mayford Industrial School. Click on the links to see examples from the archive records:

Kinton Community Home, Mayford Green, Woking (Formerly Mayford Industrial School): School Records, 1907-1984.

Mayford Approved School, Woking: Deeds and Related Papers, 1877-1964.

Many of the historic features near the original site of the memorial are included in the county’s Historic Environment Record (HER), click the following link to see more information, including a location map:

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77 thoughts on “Mayford Industrial School Memorial (Original site)”

  1. mo stanton says:

    i was at the school from 1966 to 1968 having been a naughty boy does anyone remember the staff jessie wickstead thought he could sing drove you mad mr thomson art mr armstrong mr chin chin had a few bad years after leaving mayford in and out of trouble thats what happens when you live in lambeth settled down got married couple of kids and grandchildren dont think it done me any harm at all in my two years there i ended up working the farm just behind the new churchill house anyone who was there in my time please post a comment

    1. chris says:

      I was there I think 1962/1963-1966 I did 2 stints. Do you remember a boy called lewes, bridges, Knight, Stewart, watts, Freeman was the daddy, cant remeber the house name, don’t know any of there first names. My name was Guile then, (since changed to Williams) please let us know….many thanks

      1. paul solomon says:

        Hi I was at mayford apx 1968 I remember Watts saw him a few times in other nicks my name Paul Solomon mix race guy nickname Solly I was a right flash so and so and realy sorry for that guys . does any one know cross alias fritz or lister or Aztec or mitch RIP I done a runner with Watts . would be happy to hear any comments .

        1. David Cross says:

          Hi Paul,
          Dave Cross AKA Fritz here.
          Below is what I posted on a site a few years ago, I’d love to hear from you.

          Hi Sam Ferguson, just came across your posting about being in Mayford Approved school in 1969. You said you did a runner with a boy called Cross. That was me! David Cross aka Fritz because of my blond hair. I remember we got caught by the police after nicking milk from a milk float and got put in the cells. I remember you and some of the other boys, someone called Lester, Peter? Galbraith, Steve Redding (who was killed in a scooter accident when on home leave) Crosskey, Paul Solomon and someone called Francis aka Bulldog. The music that sticks in my mind from that time was Young Gifted & Black as it was played for hours at a time in the common room of Nelson house. On the first night I arrived there was a fight between Nelson house and Gordon house which turned into a riot! I’d love to hear from you or anyone who was at Mayford in 1968 or 1969.

          1. Paul solomon says:

            Hi Fritz I rember you for making us laugh with your German impression so we survived to tell the tale ,despite running off every other weekend I had some memorable times fishing sailing farming ,I went through the mill borstal 6 year stretch ,that was 35 years ago been out of trouble since then God willing ,married 7 children portfolio of rental properties. I don’t feel hard done by for the 11 months spent there I remember having punch up every week .sorry for taking so long to get back to you take care solly

          2. David Cross says:

            Hi Solly,
            Good to hear from you!
            I’m really glad to hear you’re doing well.
            I remember you being in fights and being a bit of a hard nut but I was never worried as I could sense you were okay with me.
            It was only Lister (or Lester?) who I got punched in the face by trying to shut me up when I had a panic attack after sniffing glue! Do you remember Mr & Mrs Sampson? I think Mr Sampson was teaching PE and Mrs Sampson worked in the kitchen. Also people mention Chin Chin or Chos, was he the small chubby old man with glasses and used to have a walking stick when we went out of walks? He used to wear a tweed coat? Anyway, where are you living now? It would would be good to meet up if you’re not hundreds of miles away from Milton Keynes where I am. My email address is [email protected] It would be great to hear from you. Cheers, Fritz.

      2. raymond bradshaw says:

        I was there 1965 1966.I remember Knight and Freeman.
        Also Bond, Jimmy Tucker and a load of others.
        My name is Ray Bradshaw and I live in East Sussex now.

      3. raymond bradshaw says:

        Were you in Nelson house, Chris?

      4. Philip Brown says:

        Was At Mayford about 64 time.Arrived with someone called Bonner [edited by the administrator]. Remember the fat geography teacher, the deputy who chained smoked and the metal work teacher who sang a song when he woke us up. Canoeing up the river on Duke of Edingborough scheme. Always being marched in and out at meal times if anyone was talking, showering and then straight into the little swimming pool naked. Farm, Gardens,Metal and wood work courses. Wasn’t too bad

    2. albie says:

      1 remember Wicky call us back alley
      arabs and guttersnipes,i did not sing

    3. Ray says:

      I remember you Mo.

    4. Phil Brown says:

      Was there in mid 60s. Remember Chin Chin,did he do metal work. Cheerful man. And Armstrong was fat. Just remembering Farm Woodwork and Garden parties

  2. Ray Allen says:

    yes I remember Mr wicksted and Mr Chin Chin, I ended up in metal work up till I left in Feb 1963 was in Nelson house Mr Hicklin was the house master and I remember fat rat Armstrong, I was a Battersea Boy married 3 kids divorced now married to a loverly lady born on the day I was released 25 02 1963 got lots of gran kids before your time but have fond memories.

    1. Barry Austin says:

      i think i remember you ray.i done a second stint in 62/63. i was house captain of you remember, Flanagan,Lennie Spearman, John Arkell, Im just coming up to 48 years married to same girl.

  3. Colin utting says:

    56/58. Masters I remember. Wallace, pollack, wick stead. Wood .crookall .chin chin. Armstrong.lynch.carter. Rudham. Ashton. Someoldboys. Fowler Golding nye .utting.saint new all .baron .sinfield.druce. Helm. Jackson twins.. And molly in t,he kitchen. Xx

    1. Utting says:

      Some other names that come to mind from 56 to 58.
      John Tuema. Ray Saint, Ray Helm. John Nye .Keith Edgeler. Lazzam, Fred Sinfield, Ray Barron. Ray Fowles, Tony Drew. Mick Newman. George Drake. Tony Jarvis. Jackson brothers. Dave Belasco.

      1. albie says:

        albert pinnock does anybody remember me?

        1. albie says:

          terry buckingham?

          1. george smith says:

            i, remember terry buckingham, i was farm boy foreman around 1958, had 2 stints, loved it, went to have a look 3 years ago, i now live in nottingham, please get in touch, thanks george.

          2. Dave Belasco says:


            Sorry to say Terry Buckingham was stabbed to death in a fight after leaving Mayford.

            Kind Regards

            Dave Belasco

          3. Dave Belasco says:


            Daughter writes book about mum’s childhood growing up in west London criminal family. A fascinating true life account of the Buckingham criminal family from Notting Hill has been penned by one of its members.

            Kelly said she was keen to show what growing up was like for her mother: “My mum comes from a large criminal family in Notting Hill. This book is not to glamourise crime, it’s just to tell my mum’s childhood story.”

            One of Janice’s brothers Terry Buckingham was killed while in prison in 1964. He had a son Steve, but following the death of his father, the family slowly lost contact with him.

            The book was released on August 22 and is available to purchase on Amazon.

      2. ernest teuma says:

        John Teuma was my brother. He died aged 42. I was in his dormitory and so was Nye (who I liked) but he took over as dorm monitor from my brother. I think I was in Livingston House but I may have got that wrong.

      3. ernest teuma says:

        Hi Colin Utting. Hope you are well I was John’s brother Ernie Teuma. John died age 42. I am now 72 and now live in Tenterden Kent.
        I have nice memories of Mayford school and a few bad ones but on the whole I count myself lucky I went there. Hope you are still alive.

      4. Dave Belasco says:

        Remember you too. Hope you’re well. I spent most of my time in the woodwork shop with Mr. Scott, and I’ve always been grateful for his teaching. After leaving Mayford, I married at 17, and my wife was 16 and a day. That was around 57 years ago, and we’re still together today. I also remember a chap called Gartland, who chopped his fingers off with a cross cut saw. I wish you well.

        Kind regards Dave Belasco

    2. ernest teuma says:

      Hello Colin. You were a very bright lad–a wizard at maths and a very nice person. We were in Mr Pollocks class at times and I envied your brains. I was way behind in maths myself. I hope you went on to become someone special because you certainly had the brains to do so. My brother was John Teuma and you may remember him. I bumped into you in Brixton many years later. I hope your life turned out OK and that you have a nice family. I ended up with a lovely family and I am fairly wealthy now but it was hard getting there but I did it in the end. I now own properties, one has a lovely lake and garden and is in the Countryside, the other is in London. Sometimes I wish i could turn the clock back to when I was at Mayford School so that I could be with my brother Johnny who died when he was 42. I would like to remember more about Mayford so you are welcome to help me do that.

  4. george smith says:

    i left in 59 and i was farm foreman and also the first boy to go on an Outwould Bound coarse in Wales, i loved every minute of my 11 months stay and tried to get a job there but was refused because of my past record, went on to be a minor rock-star, retired now and live in nottingham and i now spend my time coarse fishing, would love to hear from any oldboy, george smith.

    1. ernest teuma says:

      I helped build canoes for the Outwood Bound Course. Mr Armstrong got annoyed with me because I plane’d a piece of wood for a keel section to the wrong shape. I corrected it. Can you tell me the other teacher that went on the course please. I need to remember all the teachers and as many boys as possible. I hope you went on to have a good life.

      1. Barry Austin says:

        mr mclean was the other teacher that built the pbk10 canoes. i made a couple whilst i was there.

  5. s.norwell says:

    I was at Kinton in1974 to1978 coming from the Lambeth borough teachers I remember are Mr Jackson and Mr Scott my duties was the farm woodwork and metalwork after coming out I went on to become a scaffolder married twice had 4 children and have many grandchildren .

    1. Roy Parrish says:

      I was at kinton 1973-1976 I came from Enfield. I was in churchill A and had a good time there. It taught me a lesson

    2. stewart mackay says:

      i was at kinton 1978 to 1980 remember mr jackson and mr scott mr jacob mrs smith made some good friends mark rear and simon casey would like to hear from anyone

  6. Ron Woolley says:

    At Mayford in 1959.Anyone from my time, Remember all the staff mentioned.
    Ron Woolley

    1. Colin Stewart says:

      Hello Ron, I do remember you and your brother Cyril, I last saw Cyril in Highbury when he came to see Aggy Charalambedis in the early 60s I am sure you remember Aggy, he is very tall and Greek! we have been constant friends since I bumped into him in 1963. Mayford certainly was a culture shock for me and taught me a big big lesson, looking back all the masters were good people including Wicksted, you behave yourself and they were there to help, cause trouble and that bloody cane was delivered by Wicksted with venom, I can put Cyril in touch with Aggy if you like, he would like that.

      1. Ron Woolley says:

        Hi Colin , I did post a reply to your message , I am not sure what
        happened ..Cyril would be delighted if you sent Aggys details ,they
        were very good friends. Hope You are well , yes I do remember you and Aggy Hope to hear from You both soon. Ron

  7. barry austin says:

    1 was at mayford from 1959/1961 no body has mentioned mr hicks the gardener. I was greenhouse boy with mr fuller. I married in 1970 had two boys. sadly we lost the youngest at 28. miss him deeply. I don’t know if these places made us any better or it was just a way to make us conform. any way ,I thought it was great fun.

    1. ernest teuma says:

      Mr Hicks. Tall and strong always in wellies. Nice person I thought. Thanks for reminding me of his name. Can you remember all the classroom teachers–who took the pottery class (was it Mckenzie or Mckye?).

  8. stewart mackay says:

    i was in churchill A from 1976 to1979 remember mrs smith and mr and mrs jackson . CANT remember house master name he was a good man, would like to hear from anyone from that time.

    1. J Palmer says:

      I was resident in Churchil A most of 1977. Believe house master was

      Mr Hicklin. Members of staff inc sgt Smokey Field , Mr Wiseman.

      Boys: Stephen Lewis , Paul Cope , Vince & Mark Ragless, Bill Paxton,

      1. Richard Allwood says:

        Hi I was at Kinton school from 1972 to 1976 I remember being in the main building and then moving into Churchill house I remember MR Thomas, Mr Hicklin, Mr Davidson, Mr Jackson who taught us Judo, I also remember Vince Ragless we were good friends anyone interested in contacting me [email protected]

  9. Roy Parrish says:

    Mr Hickiling was the housemaster. you probably took my place when I left in december 1975

  10. Colin French says:

    Kinton…An eye opener for a 15 year old to enter into. 18 mths and as much as I hated the discipline, it did pave the way for my future. 1973 saw me enter Churchill House, Mr Hicklin was the house master, (reminded me of Mackay of Porridge), also had a young couple who oversaw us. Can’t remember what there names were but I can remember she was a pretty blonde that played havoc to a 15 yr olds outlook!!. At the age of 16 I moved to the house next door, which I think was called Nelson House? Here, for the first time in my life, I had my own room…Given a push bike and a job packing glass at SamCo in Old Woking. Nelson was run by a really nice couple which the name escapes me.
    Things I remember from the school are: Teachers…Mr Lonsdale (ex Hells Angel), Mr Jackson, Mr Armstrong (martial arts). Choz , Mr Scott (woodwork teacher) Miss Longburn.????. Boys I remember were, Lenny Sherlock, Steve Pritchard, Kevin Cavey, Peter Beer, Kevin Wheatley(school bully), Eddie Wolf. Some of the school sayings were Stitch, Toppers-up, Scuns. Started delivering food to the school in 1983 and recently carried out drainage work at the site. I have a photo of me dressed as Aunt Polly on the school stage, from when we did a school play of Tom Sawyer. Bad days but good days.

    1. Richard Allwood says:

      Hi Colin, I remember you and all the other lads you have mentioned, lots of memories as well, some good days and also some bad days would be nice to catch up with you all [email protected]

  11. Loxleyfrench says:

    Hello anyone out there was a right laugh at Kinton Love the football two years we won the league those were the days

    1. kennyburlison says:

      hello loxley i was there the same time as you,

      1. Loxleyfrench says:

        Hello Kenny what house was you in ? Have you ever met anyone since leaving

        1. kennyburlison says:

          think it was called sherrits, or something like that, then moved to gatestone, you had gone by then, noel barrington’s on my facebook,

  12. Andrew Tolson says:

    Memories of Kinton are very vague. I was there I think from 1977 to 1979 and it was just before my 16th birthday is when I left.
    Remember how strict it was but I was in the unit with bars on the bottom of the windows to stop anyone from opening them enough to climb out.
    Hated that horrible porridge and them greasy fried eggs we use to get for breakfast, and never had it since but I loved the Camp coffee out of the bottle.
    Think the best part of the school for me that is was the basket weaving and the metal work shop and not to forget the farm that was great, but I didn’t like putting rings into the pigs nose talk about screaming it must have hurt the pigs like hell. And also the cross country running or should I say run like hell and get out of site of the teacher and have a quick fag lol. Last of all the trips to Wales and the new forest were great.
    People I sort of remember are
    Ginger Simon the hard man
    and bubba the fat african lad.

    1. neil taylor says:

      i was at kinton 1977 to 1979 i too left just before my 16th birthday i worked on the farm with mr scott, used to hate collecting eggs first thing in the morning lol, also worked the garden with old mr flynn ex RAF, he use to love talking about what he got up to in WW2,also remember mr gale P.E ex pro footballer i remember my house master was mr carr and his wife they where alright, i remember some teachers mr jackson, miss frenchand mr longdale. also i remember bubba, lee stone alan haywood derek rhodes; good times

      1. Andrew Tolson says:

        Hi Neil
        You say your house master was Mr Carr with his wife, Think that was the same House I lived in. Remember I think a fella who watched over us called Mr Mcmanners or I think that was what he was called. Mr Carr, did he adopt one of us, ginger haired boy I think can’t remember his name.
        I have tried to find photos of the place but no luck yet. Only think that keeps coming up on search engines is abuse scandal at Kinton House.
        You remember Bubba and Lee the hard man. I remember Bubba banging and kicking the toilet door when I was in it, Ha Ha he was on his own. Remember opening the door and finding him alone and then I gave him a good smacking, funny that he never bothered me again lol.
        Hated being away from home but Kinton was the best school for me.
        [email protected]

  13. orville says:

    Is there anyone out there,that was in Gordon House 1970/1971?

    1. Nigel Easton says:

      I was there in 1972

  14. ernest teuma says:

    I was at Mayford School Woking around the years 1958/1959. I was there with my brother John Teuma. I was in the right hand dormitory when viewing from the farm and greenhouse areas. I can’t remember the name of the house I was in. I remember Mr Carter, Mr Lynch, Mr Wickstead, Mr Armstrong, Mr Pollock, Mr Chin Chin, Mr Wallace, Mrs Wallace (matron). Mrs Wickstead. Mr McKenzie. I remember boys called Patikis, Nigel Dawson, Fordham, Nye, Utting, Woody, Chenery. I would like to remember more so if anyone can jog my memory I would like them to. Mayford School taught me so much and I am so glad I was there but I did feel really lonely and worried a lot about how my mum would manage without me to help support her. I was about 14 and 15 then.

  15. Francesca Hodges says:

    Hi there,
    I am trying to track down a relative that I believe attended Kinton in the 1970’s/1980’s period. His name was Lee Wicks. I’d be interested in any information about him.

  16. Paul solomon says:

    Thank you for this service do you happen to know if I could obtain photos of my self as Ihave no photos of my self before age 21. Thank you

    1. Cal says:

      The Surrey History Centre in Woking has the admission records for Mayford, whether photos are included I don’t know. You’d need to take ID with you to access full information in the records

      1. ESP Admin says:

        Thanks Cal.
        Surrey History Centre is open to the public and free to visit but if you are planning to look at specific records it’s a good idea to contact them first. They can then give you an indictation of whether the information you are looking for is included in the archives. Doing this could avoid a wasted journey. Details of opening times, visiting arrangements and contact details are on the Centre’s website:

        1. Cal says:

          Thank you, I have made contact with the History Centre, and have completed Request Form 10. Not visited as yet, but will be letting them know prior to going. They did email me the Mayford admission number of the person I am researching, and also an admission date. But I believe the date is a leaving date and not the admission date. I hope to find out when I visit. Will be interesting to see what other information it contains.

          1. Cal says:

            Thank you. I have made contact with the History Centre and have completed Request Form 10 but have not visited as yet. I did receive by email an admission number and admission date. But I believe the admission date to be the leaving date. I shall find out more when I visit. It will be interesting to see what else the record contains

  17. brett brenchley says:

    glorified borstal/detention centre

  18. chris williams (Guile) says:

    I was at mayford 1963-1966. remember most of the teachers mentioned above. Would love to find out about any old boys that were there when I was. Such as Bond, Bridges, Lewis, Stewart, Watts. The daddy then was someone called Freeman. 2nd night there the nightwatchmen was murdered, hit with an axe. There must be someone who remembers that. I worked in the kitchen and the boiler blew up in my face. My name then was Guile. Please email me if you have any info…….Many thanks

    1. K.taylor says:

      You can email me Chris I was there when night watchman was killed and remember lad that took his life but trying to remember his name.hope you see this post and get in touch.

      1. chris says:

        sent other emails so hope you will get this one. I do give approval for my email to be forwarded to ken……Chris williams

        1. chris says:

          [email protected] would love to hear from anyone who was at Mayford approved school between 1963-1966 many thanks
          Chris williams was then chris guile

      2. chris says:

        was his name Bonner?? please give K Taylor my email address… mant thanks

        1. K.taylor says:

          Hi Chris, Bonner that’s right he was in shares with another lad,they fell out and he was petrified what he was going to do to him ,so the staff transferred Bonner, [text edited by the administrator] I was picked as one of the lads to attend [the night watchman’s] funeral.a bit daunting at time for me being so young. Hope you see this post as if not seen your email address.

          1. chris says:

            hi! ken, I live in storrington sussex not a bad little town/village. Were you in livingstone house? Iwas right down in the right hand corner, by the fire exit. Have you heard from any old boys.I’d love to hear from any. Do you remember someone called Bush?
            I was only 13 when I went there and around 16 when I left.
            Anyway look forward to hearing from you……….Chris

    2. K.taylor says:

      Hi again Chris, I’m thinking back again to my time at Watford. My first day introduction was taken in to the toilets to fight the Watford bully called smart. A ginger kid with a really nasty temper.fortunatly I got the better of him, so from that day on I was ok . I remember […] the way he canned the absconded was just not warranted, the welts left on there backsides were brutal. And he paraded us all outside the gym to see them when they staggered out. Also remember Mr chin chin metal work. Some other boys I seem to recall, Ray Monday, grogan, also calmya tall lad bit of a loose cannon, he punched the gym teacher in the face, so he took him in gym put gloves on him, and knocked him out cold.fair play to him,we called him bulldog. Any way Chris look forward to hearing from you. Ken.

      1. leonard annand says:

        I was there some time between 1963/1964 my name lenny Annand. me and my mate brian furber were forever absconding.and were taken in the gym held over the horse and caned by that nutcase […] when recaptured at least 3 times in front of the whole I have not got good memories of the place […] would be charged with child abuse these days.but I did make some good friends there .who im still intouch with

        1. raymond bradshaw says:

          I remember Brian Ferber from Hayford. He also lived near me in Carshalton. Whatever happened to him?

  19. brett brenchley says:

    wow.. just read on social media [name removed] who was there in 70s been done for plying boys with drink and drugs and getting them to perform sexual acts on him and vice/versa. i remember him with a large beer keg in his room/always smelled of booze and would wake boys during night to invite back to his room…with me it was beatings[not from him] and as said in my previous posts this place was a borstal/detention centre in all but name.I HOPE THIS SO CALLED COUNCIL/CARE HOME FOR CHILDREN GETS DRAGGED THROUGH THE COURTS AND PEOPLE WHO WERE ABUSED/BEATEN OVER DECADES BY STAFF THERE POST A COMMENT ON WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM.THERE WERE MORE THAN 2 HE ABUSED THERE WERE LOADS!!

  20. Petre wigfall says:

    Peter wigfall I was in mayford 1950/1951.anyone elsego back that far,I was recommitted from mile oak app school in Sussex with four other lads for getting into naughties.I was there for 18 months counting mile oak three years in all,I spent the last three months at my the house just up the road away.lot of canings and punishments went on back then but in ever saw any sex abuse maybe we had a better class of master back then my best mate there was aboy calledjimmy howlet any one out that remember us

  21. Roger Costello says:

    I was a pretty screwed up kid when I was sent Mayford. I can say it changed my life. It opened up a whole new world to me. Teachers like Tom Hicks, Dick Scott and Harry Crookall. Tom, Dick and Harry. They tought me there crafts and there outlooks on life. There va!ues. I bless them for it. Mr Chinchen tought my all there was to know about engineering. Which carried me through my working life and all around the world. Mac’s art class showed me that I had hidden talents and a love for all art. The English and geography classes blew my mind. I joined MAC’s ADVENTURE CLUB and got a Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. I worked in the kitchens and scrubbed floors. I slept in dormitories. I fended off bullies. I made good friends. Barry Reigate, Keith Margitson, Reggie Bean, Jap Young, Vivian Cumber. To name but a few. When I look through the photo’s of the camping trip to BATTLE. And pictures of MACs Adventure Bus.With all the canoes (we built owerselves) tied on top. Off to Baldimere lake for practise. I was known as a Juvenile Delinquent and beyond parental control at that time in my life. Mayford became the start of my road to recovery.

  22. Bill Russell says:

    i vaguely remember being in mayford school for appx 11 months in 1958/9. i was 14
    when i had been transferred there from scotland,when my folks moved to london.
    i do remember doing woodwork and also mr pollock.once one of the teachers got a group
    of us lads together who could play the harmonica,and took us to a building nearby to play for some old folk.i eventually went walkabouts,and finally ended up in stamford house remand home in shepherds bush.and ended up being sent back to scotland.but you cant keep a good man down i came back to london to live in 1962 at age 18,and i have lived here almost constantly ever since.i do know i have a pic of my and three other boys from my time at mayford,if i can remember where it is,i will upload it if that is allowed.

  23. David Stratton says:

    January 28, 2019 at 2:06 pm
    I was a pupil here from 1958 — 1962 approx.;.
    Head master and his wife were Mr and Mrs Wallace, they lived in the big house at the side of the school, nice kind people. Deputy Head was […], now there was a wicked man, when he gave the cane you were made to bend over and hold the straps on the end of a gym bench. This would often take place during the night when all the boys were lined up in the quadrangle of a yard (playground) after you were informed why you were there and who’s fault it was, you can imagine the boy responsible was punished more than once. […] had quarter irons on the heel of his shoes and you would him take six steps as he ran before the swish of the cane came down on the poor victim. Evil sod.
    Most boys went home at Christmas, if however you did not have a suitable home to go to we stayed behind and had a great time courtesy of the resident staff. We made our own entertainment.
    I was head farm boy when I was 14 and allowed to work on the farm 4 days a week starting at 6am, milking the cows. I will always remember the Dormitory master who when we had finished our boiled egg breakfast would call out in a slow voice “is there any early morning farmer who would like another hard-boiled egg” I still love eggs to this day. Thursday was tick day, we would wait for the tick board to be displayed in the window facing the yard and if you had 6 ticks you could go to the cinema in Guildford, when you returned you would produce your cinema ticket as proof that you had gone, secret, we would get other boys to find a ticket on the floor and we would by ciggies and meet the local girls. Ah memories. David Stratton, if you were there or remember me do reply

  24. Andrew Tolson says:

    Hi all
    I was at kinton from the age of 14 until just before my 16th birthday. 1977-1978. When I was there I remember 3 blocks where we all lived. Long time ago and don’t remember the names of the boys I lived with apart from someone called Jenkins, Simon and Buddha. Only remember these because they were the 3 that stuck together and bullied everybody.
    Remember marching up the the main building for assembly all wearing the same uniform. My favorite part of the school was the farm and kraft classes that was teached by the farmer. Loved collecting the chicken eggs and having a crafty fag in the chicken huts. Cross country runs were good too as we would run so fast to get away from the teachers just to have a fag lol.
    Andrew Tolson

    1. Andrew Tolson says:

      Does anyone remember Pentlands in Mitchum Surrey? It was an assessment centre. It is where I was before being sent to Kinton, had some good times there we were even allowed to smoke.
      Remember I had a friend for the short time I was there called him Michael and he was a mixed race lad, cannot remember his second name, Id love to find out what happened to him? maybe even contact him again.

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