A ritual enclosure, usually circular, consisting of a bank usually outside a ditch with one or two opposing entrances. They are especially common in lowland south and east England, but are also found further west and north.

Henges are not the same as stone circles, although sometimes they do enclose stone monuments. In most cases henges have a bank tall enough to enclose the central space. Hidden from the outside world, entry might only have been allowed to special individuals, or only on special occasions.

Surrey’s closest rival to Stonehenge was a much smaller monument at Staines Road Farm, Shepperton, where a ditch was found forming a circular enclosure.

Staines Road Farm, Shepperton. Image: SCAU

Staines Road Farm, Shepperton. Image: SCAU

Excavation at Staines Road Farm Shepperton. Image: SCAU

Excavation at Staines Road Farm Shepperton
Image: SCAU

The ditch contained specially placed objects as well as the burials of a 30-40 year old female and 25-30 year old, probably male.

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