Park Pale

The typical park pale is a wide ditch dug on the inside of a wide bank.  The bank would be planted with a hedge or a fence.

Park pales were introduced in the medieval periods, in order to retain deer within parks on estates, in preparation for hunting.

Park pales are still extant in Surrey at many locations, including at Woking Park, Oatlands Park, Botley Park and Chobham Park and Reigate Park.

2 thoughts on “Park Pale”

  1. Rhys Evans says:

    I work on the Crown Estate in Windsor and I have found an old Park Pale on the estate deep in a small wood. About every 23 or so meters there is a metal boundry marker with a crown on. I have pictures of this Pale and the markers if you would like to see them. It would be great if someone could give me some more info.

  2. Andy Alder says:

    Hi I grew up on the edge of Windsor Great Park and have always had an interest, I now teach Landscape History at Nottinghamshire Trent University, I am looking at the history of the Park Pale and would really like to see the picture of the signs and also know the location for my next visit, cheers Andy Alder

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