Have you come across an object on the site that you would like to know more about?

This section talks about some commonly found objects, both chance finds recorded by the Historic Environment Record, as well as objects found in museums.

Don’t forget – you can contact each museum directly from every record page – just click on contact us for more information.

If you find an object of historical or archaeological importance whilst out walking, the Finds Liaison Officer, who works for the Portable Antiquities Scheme, might be interested to record it. You can contact him:

e-mail: [email protected]

Office: 01483 518771

Mobile: 07968 832740

One Response to Archaeological Finds

  1. Kevin Nether says:

    Whilst walking along the paths near North downs way and the railway line, north of Buckland. I came across a (old) lime mortar and hollow stone, dry stone wall section, covered in ivy.
    I believe now (35 years later) that it might of been used originally as water pipe, possibly roman (although now mostly smashed into 12″ sections, to build the wall section).
    I found this wall section in 1979/80/81.
    I also study google maps, and I have found several new sites around the country. Because there is also disturbance within the fields close to this strange wall section.
    I was wondering if you could possibly enlighten me on this. Please.
    Do you know about this site ?
    Kevin Nether

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