Bridges, Tunnels and Viaducts

A selection of historic images of bridges, tunnels and viaducts from the Surrey History Centre collections.

Three Staines Bridges

As the site of the only known Roman bridge above London Bridge, Staines has the claim to be the oldest bridge site in the county. A bridge existed here in 1222 and remained, frequently repaired, until 1807.

A new, stone, bridge was authorised in 1791 and opened in 1796. Almost immediately, it was closed, as it was so badly built it began to collapse. Fortunately, the old, wooden, bridge had not been destroyed and was put back into use. The canny burghers of Staines learned by their mistake, and when a third, iron, bridge was built in 1803, and almost immediately collapsed, the old bridge was once again reopened!

A fourth, also iron, bridge was opened in 1807. This time they were more confident and the old bridge was finally removed. Even then, this bridge didn’t last long, being replaced by the present bridge, begun in 1829 and opened by King William IV on 23 April 1832.

Three Hampton Court Bridges

A Selection of Other Bridges and Viaducts Across Surrey

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