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Image of Ethel Smyth, 1927, by Bassano (By permission of the National Portrait Gallery)

Ethel Smyth, 1927, by Bassano
(By permission of the National Portrait Gallery)

Much has been written about the better-known national campaigners on all sides of the suffrage debate but in Surrey little was known about campaigners in the county, until now. Even those who were prominent in suffrage organisations, such as Emmeline and Frederick Pethick Lawrence and Ethel Smyth, have not been researched in detail until recently. A key aim of The March of the Women project has been to make the women and men involved in Surrey’s suffrage campaign more visible.

Image of Dorothy Hunter, c.1890 (SHC ref.1260/84)

Dorothy Hunter, c.1890
(SHC ref.1260/84)

Drawing on their expertise and areas of interest, project volunteers and staff, academics, and local historians, have all helped produce this series of Suffrage biography pages. Some are more in-depth than others, depending on the sources available, but we hope they will provide new avenues of research and that more biography pages will continue to be added.

If you have information relating to Surrey people involved in the suffrage movement that we can add to this resource please contact us at [email protected]

As an additional research tool we have also created an index of Suffrage People Names, extracting details of people who are named in the newspapers of the day. This PDF index contains over 11,000 names and can be searched here along with the newspaper indexes. The information can quickly clarify a reference to a person and give details where the original newspaper article can be found. Go to Suffrage Indexes page.

Find out more about the Women’s Suffrage Movement in Surrey

Suffrage Biography pages include:

Helena Auerbach
Noeline Baker
Lady Betty Balfour
Maria Isabella Bates
Rosa May Billinghurst
The Brackenburys
Bertha Broadwood
Sir William and Lady Julia Chance
Margaret Chorley Crosfield
Iona and Arthur Jex Davey
Emily Wilding Davison
Charlotte Despard
Agnes Margaret Dixon
Joan Harvey Drew
Marion Wallace Dunlop
Thomas Lord Farrer and Lady (Evangeline) Farrer
Norah Dacre Fox
Agnes Gardiner
Kate Harvey
Christian Jane Herringham
Dorothy Hunter
Julia Huxley and Priorsfield School
Gertrude Jekyll
Rose Lamartine Yates
Margaretta Lemon
Constance Maud
Isabella Fyvie Mayo
George Meredith
Merstham Suffragists
Lady Mary Murray
Lady Florence Priscilla Norman
Alison Ogilvy
Violet, Countess of Onslow, and Richard, 5th Earl of Onslow
Emmeline and Frederick Pethick Lawrence
Sophia and Giles Theodore Pilcher
Theodora Wilde Powell
Eleanor Mildred Sidgwick
Dame Ethel Smyth
Ethel Snowden
Lady Henry Somerset
Augusta Spottiswoode
Mary Elizabeth Stables (see 1911 Census Boycott)
Clara Stoehr
Mary Elizabeth Thackeray Turner
Mary Seton Watts

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