‘We cannot know, each of us, what our own positions will be when it is all over, and only one thing seems certain; that nothing will be the same’.
Letter to Baron Thomas Cecil Farrer, 10 August 1914, signed T.F.A.

On 4 August 1914 Britain declared war on Germany. The First World War had begun and life would never be the same again. Using archives and local studies materials from Surrey History Centre, these pages provides a snapshot of Surrey in the last summer before the outbreak of war. It will explore family and school life, news reported in the county’s press, sport and leisure. It will consider the great debate over women’s suffrage and also look at the county’s changing landscape at the opening of the twentieth century and at its industrial life before the Great War.

The Last Summer was orginally presented as a display at Surrey History Centre and is reproduced here electronically.

Further Reading

Family Life 1
Family Life 2
In the News
School Life
Sport and Leisure
The Outbreak of War
Women’s Suffrage

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