Treasure Jam – create something inspired by an amazing object

The images on this page were provided to encourage children, and anyone else who wanted to get involved, to create something inspired by an amazing object or work of art you’ve found in an online museum or gallery. That’s your treasure! This was connected to an online event called Treasure Jam which ran over the summer of 2020. Even though the Treasure Jam event has now closed you can still be inspired by these, and any other objects in local museums, to get creative.

Make a game, story, poetry, art, music, film, picture, or even a cat dressed up as Boudica, or a knitted velociraptor dinosaur, and upload them to the Treasure Jam page. Create anything at all. If you can’t upload your creation (eg because it’s not physically possible to upload a 3D printed model of Mary Seacole, or a Victoria sponge cake in the shape of Queen Victoria), you can upload images, videos and text to this page instead to show us what you’ve created.

We’ve picked out some fun, quirky, interesting, educational (etc etc) images from the collections in Surrey’s archive and museums, there also some archaeology finds. Have a look through the images below and get creative. There are loads more images on the other pages on this website so feel free to browse around and pick your own Treasure inspiration.